‘The Expanse’ Season 4 Trailer: Life beyond the Ring Gate!

A trailer for The Expanse Season 4! But, I ain’t watching it. Despite the show having not passed where I am in the book series, I still don’t want to check this shit. Nope! Not until I finish the third season. Still though, I can’t wait for it to return.

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Ava DuVernay directing pilot of ‘DMZ’ adaptation for HBO Max. My nipples are so hard.

ava duvernay directing dmz adaptation hbo max

DMZ is one of my favorite comic series of all time. And now, on the precipice of our second Civil War, the comic is finally getting adapted. With Ava DuVernay directing the pilot. Holy fucking hell.

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‘Stranger Things’ renewed for Season 4, obviously. Finally leaving Hawkins, too!

stranger things season 4

Stranger Things is getting a Season 4. Which seems like an obvious move. However, even better news is that the show is going to move beyond Hawkins.

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‘Letterkenny’ Season 7 Trailers: Fuck You, Shoresy!

Friends, the trailer for Letterkenny Season 7 is here! And, while it doesn’t give away much, it does make me want to give my balls a tug.

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‘GLOW’ renewed for fourth and final season. Fuck me, I got to watch the third!

glow renewed fourth season

GLOW is getting a fourth and final season, friends. And while it’s always a bummer that a show is ending, I’d rather it end while it’s still getting pops. As opposed to, you know, going out on its back.

Those are wrestling puns.

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Chuck Palahniuk’s novel ‘Invisible Monsters’ being adapted for TV by ‘Legion’ writer Jennifer Yale

chuck palahniuk invisible monsters tv

Chuck P, baby! Used to be my absolute fucking favorite. And still, he’s close to my heart. That’s despite him being a bit edge-lord, a bit grumpy pants. So, how do I feel about Invisible Monsters being adapted? Cautiously optimistic!

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‘Fargo’ Season 4 casts ‘Justified’ star Timothy Olyphant in a recurring role. Hell fucking yes.

fargo season 4 timothy olyphant

Timothy Olyphant is going to be up in that Fargo season 4 shit. I say, goddamn. One of my favorite actors joining one of my favorite shows? I’m stoked.

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New ‘Battlestar Galactica’ series coming from ‘Mr. Robot’ creator and I’m wholly the fuck in

mr robot battlestar reboot

[Update: It ain’t a reboot, it’s within the same mythos. Even cooler, fuck yes!]

Battlestar Galactica is being rebooted for NBC’s streaming service. Typically, this would make me shriek and tug at my pubes in a fury. However, it’s being rebooted by Sam Esmail. You know, the dude behind the equally-as-reality-questioning Mr. Robot. So, I’m fucking in. All in.

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‘Watchmen’ Trailer: Previews for Lindelof’s remix continue to intrigue and befuddle. I’m all in.

I’ll admit, I only skimmed this trailer for Watchmen. I really, really want to go into this series blind! That said, fuck, am I ever excited for it.

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‘The Stand’ TV series casts Alexander Skarsgard as Randall Flagg. I don’t know enough to judge this!

the stand alexander skarsgard randall flagg

I like Alexander Skarsgard. I suspect I’d really enjoy The Stand. That fucking said? I have no idea if casting him as Randall Flagg is a good call. Someone else weigh-in!

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