‘A.P. Bio’ ain’t canceled after all, but it’s moving to NBC’s streaming service. Well, fuck, I’m there!

ap bio not canceled

A.P. Bio is not canceled! It’s been saved…by the same station that killed it. Goddamn, I love A.P. Bio. How fucking much? I’m willing to adopt NBC’s streaming platform to watch the show. That’s how much.

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‘Mr. Robot’ Final Season Trailer: How Many People Have You Had To Hurt?

Bro! Let’s fucking go! Trailer for the final season of one of my favorite shows of all time.

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‘Mindhunter’ Season 2 is officially dropping August 16 which I thought we already knew but I guess not or some shit

mindhunter season 2 august 16

Somehow, I thought we already knew the official date for Mindhunter season 2. But, I guess not! Prepare yourselves though, it drops in little over a month. August 16.

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Vaughan and Chiang’s ‘Paper Girls’ adaptation gets full-series order from ‘Amazon Studios’ which is neat but where that ‘Saga’ adaptation?

paper girls amazon studios

Gonna level with you: don’t really care for Paper Girls. I’m a good bit burnt out with 80s nostalgia peddling. That said, I’m glad that Vaughan and Chiang’s product is getting adapted. Always a feel-good for the creators involved. And, who knows? Maybe the show resonates with me more than the comic does.

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Netflix’s ‘The Witcher’ adaptation gets teaser images, which surprisingly don’t suck completely

the witcher netflix promo images

Hey! The Witcher adaptation from Netflix has some teaser images! And, they don’t suck as much as anticipated. However, that could be because the leaked test image set the bar so, so low.

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USA orders ‘Masters of Doom’ pilot based on the book about id Software’s heyday. Rip and fucking tear!

masters of doom usa pilot

id Software still makes dope games, as evidenced by DOOM. However, the entity today ain’t the entity that spawned the original title. No, no. The two Johns and their rise to stardom has long since faded into lore. A lore which was explored in the book Masters of Doom and will be explored in a USA adaptation.

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‘GLOW’ Season 3 Trailer: It’s everything they ever wanted, so naturally it will go to shit

I am very excited for GLOW‘s third season. You should be too.

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Netflix’s ‘Love, Death and Robots’ is getting a second season. Oh yeah, I should fucking watch the first, no?

love death robots season 2

Netflix’s Love, Death and Robots is getting a second season. And man, I still gotta watch the first. I’ve been forgetting to do so, despite one of my binkies, David Fincher, being involved. No particular reason for me passing on it thus far, outside of the perpetual deluge of pop culture content.

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‘Deadly Class’ has been canceled. You all suck deadly ass for not watching it!

deadly class canceled

Why, oh dear why, was Deadly Class canceled? I mean, I know why: ratings. But, fuck! Come on! It was fun as hell. Here’s hoping it is snagged by a streaming service or some shit.

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‘GLOW’ season 3 is headbutting the dog days of summer on August 9! Oh yeah, brother!

glow season 3

We finally, finally got a release date for the third season of GLOW. Shit’s elbow dropping on August 9, and I’m eager to get back into the ring with the show. Okay, I’m done now.

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