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‘Wakanda’ TV series is coming from ‘Black Panther’ director Ryan Coogler as dude inks 5-Year exclusive TV deal with Disney

wakanda tv series ryan coogler

After signing a 5-year exclusive deal with Disney, Ryan Coogler is developing a Wakanda TV series for Disney. Fuck yeah! I’m glad, man. Glad that no one is going to be handling the world of Black Panther other than Coogler for a while. A damn while!

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Ethan Hawke has been cast as the villain in ‘Moon Knight’ series and this is fantastic news

moon knight ethan hawke villain

Man. Disney snagged my interest in Moon Knight (a character I admittedly love) when they cast Oscar Isaac in the titular role. But, now them motherfuckers are exacerbating my excitement. Why? ‘Cause they fucking cast Ethan Hawke as the villain. Oh, dear Hawke. Welcome to the world of superhero roles, it’s sort of surprising it’s taken you this long to land one.

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Chris Evans returning as Captain America in the MCU. That was quick, but I’ll take it

chris evans returning to mcu captain america

Chris Evans has gone full Jay-Z, apparently. Announcing his retirement as Captain America, only to return to the MCU quick as fuck. Hey, I’ll take it. As well, I imagine it won’t be hard to write his ass back into continuity with the MCU going full Multiverse

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Kevin Feige confirms ‘Deadpool 3’ will be in the MCU and Rated R. The dorks can breathe now.

deadpool 3 mcu rated r

Kevin Feige has come out and assuaged the fears of Deadpool nerds. The dude himself has confirmed Deadpool 3 will both be in the MCU and maintain the franchise’s Rated R status. Good, good. Now, let’s just hope the Bob’s Burgers writers can pen a script closer in quality to the first flick than its sequel.

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‘Spider-Man 3’ reportedly bringing back Charlie Cox as Daredevil. This is so, so, so fucking sweet.

spider man 3 charlie cox daredevil returning

I’ll level with ya. The only Marvel show on Netflix that I really loved was Daredevil. But, man, did I ever fucking love it. And obviously, was pretty fucking bummed when it was killed. So fucking hell, am I excited that Charlie Cox is reprising his role (reportedly) as Daredevil in Spider-Man 3.

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‘Black Panther 2’ is going to begin filming in July 2021 and Shuri may play more prominent role. Makes sense.

black panther 2 filming july 2021

The capitalism juggernaut must ramble on, friends. Which means that Black Panther 2 will get made, and it’s going to begin filming in July of 2021. Ryan Coogler has the unenviable task of continuing on, in the wake of Chadwick Boseman’s passing. That said, I’m glad its that dude who is in charge of the production. How the fuck they going to address it all? Not sure. However, I think it makes sense to have Shuri take upon her brother’s mantle. I mean, right?

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‘Deadpool 3’ is in development with the script by ‘Bob’s Burgers’ writers. Okay, this rocks.

deadpool 3 being developed by marvel bob's burgers writers

Deadpool was a fucking surprise, man. It was great! However, the sequel fell into all of Ryan Reynold’s worst, lazy tendencies. Woof! But, I have renewed hope for Deadpool 3, given that its script is being handled by Bob’s Burgers writers.

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‘Thor: Love and Thunder’ has Chris Pratt returning as ‘Star-Lord’ and please let’s get Big Lebowski Thor!

thor love and thunder chris pratt star lord

One of the more lovely things about Endgame was the bantering between Thor and the Guardians of the Galaxy, specifically Chris Pratt’s Star-Lord. Which means, goddamn yes, I’m stoked he’s returning in Thor: Love and Thunder.

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Marvel’s ‘WandaVision’ is premiering on Disney+ on January 15. About fucking time, man!

wandavision premiere date january 15 disney plus

Listen, I fucking love The Mandalorian. But, I’ve been patiently sweating the Marvel drops on Disney+ for over a year now. Which means I’m pretty fucking torqued that WandaVision has a premiere date. January 15, bitches!

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Oscar Isaac in talks to star in ‘Moon Knight’ series at Disney Plus. Man, oh man, fuck yes.

moon knight oscar isaac disney plus

Jesus fucking Christ, this is amazing news. Oscar Isaac is in talks to star in the Moon Knight series on Disney Plus. Like, fuck. Too good, too good.

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