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Watch: That ‘Avengers: Endgame’ theory where Ant-Man kills Thanos through his ass has a a video

avengers endgame thanus

Whelp, we have the video finally. THANUS. Ant-Man killing Thanos through his ass. The internet is a good, horrifying, troubling place. But, I’m here for it.

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‘Avengers: Endgame’ is going to be 182 minutes. Which means I’m either peeing fourteen times or pissing my pants, tbd

avengers endgame runtime 3 hours

Movies should not be longer than 97 minutes.  Counting credits. That’s my rule. I developed it over a year ago in the throes of my now perpetual 1980s/early90s binge, and I stick by it. Oh, sure, there are some movies that defy this rule of mine. But, they are the exception, and in being the exception prove the rule. So, how do I feel about Avengers: Endgame being 182 fucking minutes? You know, I’m happy for as much of the original crew as they’re going to give us, for one last time. But, who knows. Maybe my feelings will change in a month.

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Kevin Feige says first three phases of the MCU are called “The Infinity Saga” which is pretty rad

kevin feige mcu the infinity saga

Kevin Feige dropped some knowledge on us, ya’ll. The first three phases of the MCU, culminating with Avengers: Endgame,is called The Infinity Saga. As well, it makes me excited for whatever grandiose saga awaits us after the Infinity Saga wraps-up. Secret Invasion, right?

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James Gunn has been rehired to direct ‘Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 3’ and this rules so hard

james gunn guardians of the galaxy 3

Straight-up? All that needs to be said? Good.

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‘Avengers: Endgame’ Trailer: The Team Is Ready To Do Whatever It Takes, But I Ain’t!

Man, just fuck me up with this unexpected Avengers: Endgame trailer, Marvel.

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Marvel’s ‘Shang-Chi’ movie to be directed by Destin Daniel Cretton. Let’s get weird, let’s get fun, fellas!

marvel shang chi destin daniel cretton

After Captain Marvel, I’m just straight-up done with Marvel’s “Paint By Numbers” origin story shit. So, part of me is pretty exhausted at the idea of a Shang-Chi origin movie. However, at the same time, it could be an opportunity for the MCU to get a bit weird. It’s been eleven years, it’s been fifty-nine movies. Let’s cut loose.

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Monday Morning Commute: Higher. Further. Faster.

monday morning commute higher further faster

Hey, fellow crew mates of the Space-Ship Omega! How the fuck are you? I know it’s been a minute since I punched out a Monday Morning Commute, but what do you want? I’ve been busy! I got mental health issues! It’s cold, and snowy, and miserable, and I just want to lay under my anxiety blanket until the worm turns on this shit-ass season.

But, this week I’ve pushed through!

Ripping opening the door to the Space-Ship’s common room and hollerin’ for ya’ll to join me in it! Come hang out, and let me know what you’re looking forward to this week! As well, inform me of the various tunes, toons, tits, and other sundries you’re currently enjoying!

Not sure how this works? Eh, I don’t believe you! However, like any good spinner of pedagogy, I’ll model the exercise first! Then, you join me in the comments.

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Marvel’s shows on Disney+ will tie directly into the Marvel Cinematic Universe which is dope as fuck

marvel shows disney tie in

I think one of the major bummers of all the Marvel shows thus far has been how isolated they’ve been from the MCU. Maybe it’s not fair, but they’ve felt a bit less, consequential to me. That said, good news regarding the upcoming ones on Disney+, folks. Them motherfuckers will be interwoven into the MCU.

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AVENGERS: ENDGAME is currently THREE-HOURS LONG. This ain’t enough. GIVE ME SIX.

avengers endgame three hours

You nerds can love your bloated Return of the King. Me? I’m ready to love an insanely long coda to the first ten years of Marvel Studios movies. Three fucking hours? Give me six.

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‘Deadpool’ will still be Rated-R according to Disney. Rejoice, fans of easy dick jokes and annoying references!

disney deadpool rated r

I really liked Deadpool, despite my initial trepidation. That said, I found its sequel to confirm the fears I had for the first. So, I was never really worried about Disney taking away the series’ mature rating, because I wanted them to take creative control away from Reynolds. Alas. What the fuck can you do. Here’s to another movie of Family Guy-levels of lame pop culture references and the word “cock” used copiously.

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