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Taika Waititi is returning to direct ‘Thor 4’ and holy shit am I ever goddamn stoked!

taika waititi thor 4

Hell yes! Not only is there going to be a Thor 4, but Taika Waititi is returning to direct.

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‘Falcon and the Winter Soldier’ series adds ‘John Wick’ writer Derek Kolstad. More ‘John Wick’ in everything, please!

falcon winter soldier john wick writer

The Falcon and the Winter Soldier series has added a John Wick writer. Is this good news? Fucking yes! Anything that has a dash of John Wick is infinitely better.

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Kevin Feige confirms he wants Keanu Reeves for a Marvel movie. The only question is, what role?

marvel kevin feige keanu reeves marvel kevin feige keanu reeves

This week, Kevin Feige confirmed the most glorious of news. Dude wants Keanu Reeves in the Marvel Cinematic Universe. The only wrinkle? Finding him the right role. Keep Reading »

Fans petition to have Danny DeVito play Wolverine. Finally, the nerds are petitioning something worthwhile

danny devito wolverine

There is finally a petition worth supporting, my friends. Yup! You see, there’s one going around demanding that Danny DeVito play Wolverine. And, fuck, it’s not gonna happen, but this is a Very Good Cause.

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Marvel’s first Phase 4 movie ain’t dropping until May 1, 2020. A damn long wait, but we can make it if we believe!

marvel phase 4 movie 2020

Amid the announcements of Star Wars and Avatar movies today, Disney revealed the date of the first Phase 4 movie. And, it ain’t until fucking 2020! The break between Far From Home and this Unannounced Movie is the longest break since 2012-2013.

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‘Spider-Man: Far From Home’ Trailer: Bitch please, you’ve been to space!

Interesting as fuck Far From Home trailer, fellas. I mean, we got Nick Fury dropping a “bitch please!” in there. We got the acknowledgement of a fucking MULTIVERSE in there. We got Peter wrangling with being an apparent heir to the Iron Man legacy. Hell yeah. It’s some good stuff.

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The Rock teases a meeting with Kevin Feige. Get this dude into the MCU right fucking now!

the rock kevin feige

The Rock. Despite not really being in any movies I give two shits about (excepting the Furious movies and its upcoming spin-off), I love the dude. Gorgeous. Charming as fuck. Humorous. Really, a check-list of attributes that would make him welcome in the Marvel Cinematic Universe. So let’s get this shit done!

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Watch: Chris Pratt shares “really illegal” heartwarming ‘Avengers: Endgame’ behind the scenes video

chris pratt behind the scenes endgame

This video is all the fucking feels. Hit the jump to check it out, cause Instagram video is gross.

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‘Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 3’ is apparently filming next year. Hell yes, give me this movie!

guardians of the galaxy 3 next year

It’s impossible to talk about why I’m so excited about Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 3 without spoiling Endgame. Fuck! But, if you’ve seen the movie, you know. You know. And so, I’m glad the movie is filming earlier than expected.

Fair warning: reading further about the news contains a spoiler!

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AVENGERS: ENDGAME — A Mega-Spoiler-Filled Discussion!

Holy smokes — it’s finally AVENGERS: ENDGAME weekend!

Even if this movie were just a follow-up to last year’s INFINITY WAR, it’d be crazy-anticipated. But it isn’t. This movie is the culmination of over ten years of narrative thread interwoven throughout over twenty movies.

It’s an unprecedented aspiration in the history of filmmaking.

So, let’s discuss this Super Bowl of blockbuster movies! What’d y’think of the final installment of the now-dubbed INFINITY SAGA?


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