‘The Mandalorian’ has revealed its official cast and its absolutely fucking stacked

the mandalorian cast

Lucasfilm has revealed the official cast of The Mandalorian, and well. It’s absolutely fucking stacked. I can’t wait for this series.

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‘The Mandalorian’ lands ‘Game of Thrones’ star Pedro Pascal for its lead

game of thrones pedro pascal the mandalorian

Man, Disney ain’t fucking around with their streaming service. Not only are there huge properties being developed, but the talent starring and directing said properties are considerable as well. The latest proof? Fucking Game of Thrones star Pedro Pascal is going to be the lead in The Mandalorian.

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Disney’s streaming service getting ‘Rogue One’ prequel series starring Diego Luna. I’m actually stoked by this

rogue one star wars story prequel disney

Well then! While I didn’t really enjoy Rogue One, I did enjoy Diego Luna’s portrayal of Not Han Solo. Therefore, I’m pretty fucking jazzed at the idea of him starring in his own prequel series.

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Yo, ‘Star Wars’ fans! The ‘Mandalorian’ first look and directors revealed. Including Taika Waititi, oh my goodness

star wars the mandalorian first look

Fucking Taika Waititi is directing an episode of The Mandalorian? Even my calloused, jaded ass cannot help but be excited now.

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‘Star Wars’ Live-action TV series is titled ‘The Mandalorian’ because Lucasfilm creates nothing new

star wars tv series the mandalorian

I know, I should have expected something derivative. I know, it could still be good. But, my goodness. Lucasfilm, please. Lucasfilm, I beg you. Please give us something fucking new.

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Rumor: ‘Star Wars’ fan favorite Dave Filoni directing episodes for ‘Star Wars’ TV series

star wars tv series dave filoni

Dave Filoni directing episodes of the upcoming live-action Star Wars show? Sounds pretty fucking rad to me.

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‘Star Wars Resistance’ Trailer: Here’s some glorious X-wing action to pique your interest

At the very least, the action in Star Wars Resistance looks fucking hot. Will I watch it? Probably not. I just, I just got too much other shit to get to.

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Watch: ‘Star Wars: A New Hope’ trailer done as a dope-ass anime

As the title states! Check out this dope-ass anime trailer for Star Wars: A New Hope.

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‘Star Wars: Episode IX’ casts Matt Smith in mystery role. Just make him Grand Admiral Thrawn or some shit

episode ix matt smith doctor who

One of those Doctor Who fucks has joined Episode IX. Yeah! It’s the one with the bow-tie or some shit! Seriously though, he looks Grand Admiral Thrawn as fuck. Dare to dream.

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‘Star Wars Resistance’ Trailer: Can you imagine what it’s like to be an ace pilot?

Man, I really fuck with this Star Wars Resistance trailer. More so than any of the other Star Wars animated shows, and I think it’s because I love the art style.

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