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‘Left Alive’ Trailer: Square Enix gets its fucking mech on, with designs by Yoji Shinkawa. Get hype.

Man. A fucking mech game, with characters designed by the dude behind Metal Gear‘s designs? Let me stop you right there. I’m fucking in.

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‘Okami HD’ is dropping on PS4, PC, and XB1 this December. Time for me to perhaps right a wrong, dude

okami hd release december

I’ve never played Okami, which I know is a fuck-up. I’ve never played Okami, which as a fuck-up, definitely fits into my lifestyle as a Grand Mal Garbage Lord. However, maybe this HD re-release is the chance! A good chance? No! But! A fucking chance!

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Nintendo of America boss says SNES Classic production will be way up, don’t overpay for the console. Yeah, okay

nintendo of america boss snes classic do not overpay

Nintendo stakes its name on two things: producing fucking wonderful first-party games, and producing artificial scarcity at mind-snapping, wallet-breaking levels. So fucking excuse me if I don’t believe Nintendo of America’s ChiefCzar when he tells consumers not to overpay for the SNES Classic.

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‘Uncharted 4’ Co-Director Bruce Straley has left Naughty Dog. A witty tip of the cap to all his efforts

uncharted 4 codirector bruce straley leaves naughty dog

Bruce Straley has left Naughty Dog, but his presence has been felt, and will be felt in the company’s products for years. Not only was he the co-director of The Last of Us, but he also co-directed the fourth Uncharted game. It’s an understandable, yet bittersweet loss for the company. The sorts of games Straley directed were fuckin’ developmental grinds, so it’s hard to fault him for leaving. I ain’t gonna get too bereft about this shit, though. The future of Naughty Dog still feels bright. Not only is Straley’s longtime creative partner, Neil Druckmann remaining at the company, but the writing team behind Lost Legacy proved their own bonafides.

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‘PUBG’ has broken 1 million concurrent users on Steam. It’s totally a Royale-sized Battle Royal or some shit I don’t know

pubg 1 million concurrent users


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‘L.A. Noire’ remaster dropping on PS4, XB1, and Switch. Yeah great, where is my ‘Red Dead’ remaster already?

la noire remaster ps4 xb1 switch

Listen. I’ll admit that I fucked up when I didn’t play Red Dead Redemption when it first dropped. So now that I want to play it, the graphics look dated, and that’s on me. But if Rockstar is out here fucking remastering L.A. Noire starring the herb from Mad Men or whatever, they should be fucking remastering Red Dead, as well.

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‘Playerunknown’s Battlegrounds’ has sold 10 million copies, including 2 million in the past two weeks. I say, g’damn!

pubg 10 million copies sold

I don’t play PUBG, but that’s only because I don’t have a gaming PC. I do, however, watch a lot of it on Twitch. Which is saying something, because no other game being streamed has ever really caught my attention. Its appeal is the result of being a flagrant Battle Royale/Hunger Games rip-off. However, it’s not just a rip-off (or a wet-tongued homage, if you prefer), it’s also a colossal fucking success.

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‘Stardew Valley’ publisher teases their ‘Stardew Valley meets Harry Potter’ game with magical new image

stardew valley publisher harry potter magical

MAGICAL. NEW. IMAGE. A fucking fun pun to end all pun fun. Yee. Haw! I don’t know, I haven’t played Stardew Valley, but I want to. Probably never will, given the current climate of my gaming backlog and the geopolitical sphere. If North Korean nukes don’t prevent me, then having to play through all the titles moaning at me will.

But! This new teaser is cute.

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Capcom is Re-Releasing ‘Street Fighter II’ on a SNES cartridge which may or may not catch fire. Fucking talk about YMMV, dude

street fighter 2 collectible may catch fire

Capcom is really just slinging their testicles around with this one, friends. They aren’t just re-releasing Street Fighter 2 on a collectible cartridge for $100 (when you can buy it the original for like $8). No ma’am. They’re also casually letting it slip that, hey, it’s just a collectible and it may fucking catch on fire if you actually play it.

Bro, I’m fucking serious.

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‘Travis Strikes Again: No More Heroes’ Trailer: Suda51 Brings His Brand Of Crazy To Switch

We are getting a fucking No More Heroes title on Switch? This console, man.

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