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Next ‘Resident Evil 7’ DLC Will Star Chris Redfield

resident evil 7 dlc chris redfield

Chris Redfield is going to star in the next Resident Evil 7 DLC. I don’t know how! ‘Cause I didn’t read the specifics! Cause! I haven’t come close to beating the game yet. But! Nice! However, I did cross my eyes and cut and paste the explanation, so it lies within. You’re welcome.

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‘BioShock’ Developer Irrational Games Now Rebranded As Ghost Story Games

bioshock developer irrational games ghost story games

Irrational Games and Ken Levine, whose last great game came in 2007 (#shotsfired), has announced that they’ve rebranded themselves as Ghost Story Games. Here’s hoping they churn out something less turd-soaked than BioShock Infinite. An occasionally fun, deeply pretentious, mess of a game.

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Nintendo Switch Is Launching Without A Virtual Console

nintendo switch no virtual console launch

The Nintendo Switch is hitting without a Virtual Console. This doesn’t really bother me, rather it raises questions about how quickly the company is rushing the console out the door. Which also really doesn’t bother me, because I’m not getting it at launch.

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Nintendo Is Teasing GameCube Virtual Console For Switch

nintendo gamecube virtual console switch

Nintendo Switch is totally getting a GameCube virtual console, huh? I mean, when you have top execs from Nintendo throwing flowers at the idea, it certainly feels inevitable.

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Next ‘Call of Duty’ To Return To Its “Roots” With “Traditional Combat”

call of duty 2017 roots traditional combat

Call of Duty is doing what Battlefield did last year, folks. It’s eschewing the science-fiction, jet-pack madness for more traditional combat. Returning the series to its roots, if you will. I’m down! I’m down for it. I mean, fuck, I enjoyed the science-fiction interpretation, but I think we’re all ready to strip the series back down.

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‘Destiny 2’ Coming This Year According To Activision

destiny 2 activision 2017

I’m excited for Destiny 2. The original was rocky out of the gate, but Bungie has more than found their footing since then. So a full, dedicated installment to learn all their lessons from developing the first? Nice.

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Nintendo Using Unreal Engine For Switch, Miyamoto Says They’ve “Mastered” It

nintendo switch unreal engine 4

Nintendo, in what feels like a departure to at least me, is using the Unreal Engine with Switch.

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PS4 Firmware 4.50 Brings “Boost” Mode For PS4 Pro, Custom Wallpapers, External HD Support

ps4 firmware update 450 boost mode

The PlayStation 4’s 4.50 firmware update is bringing the fucking fire! Specifically, for me, it’s bringing a “Boost” Mode that is going to give pre-Pro titles more processing juice to play with. Frame rate enhancement get! The update is also bringing a litany of other dope things. Finally, finally a fucking firmware update I’m excited for.

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PlayStation 4 Just Had Its Best Three Months, Ever.

playstation 4 sales best three months ever

Console gaming is dead! Or, a stern nah, it ain’t. PlayStation 4 just had its best three months. Ever. Sony ain’t fucking around this generation.

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BioWare Launching New Series By March 2018

new bioware series march 2018

Could this be? Are we truly getting *two* fucking BioWare games in *two* consecutive years? And — and — and one of them is finally Mass Effect: Andromeda? Praise the Elder Ones.

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