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BioWare sneaky teased a new ‘Mass Effect’ game last week and its got me deep in my feelings

bioware new mass effect teased

Back in the day, Mass Effect was one of my favorite franchises. The first two games are personal GOAT contenders, and while the third one let me down, I still miss it. You can imagine then that I was fucking stoked when Mass Effect: Andromeda dropped last year. However, the title turned out to be raw fucking ass, and after that I wasn’t sure we’d see Mass Effect again. But, good news. Last week on N7 day, BioWare sneaky teased a new title in the franchise.

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Square Enix cancels planned ‘Final Fantasy XV’ DLC, disappointing fans of bad games

square enix final fantasy xv dlc cancelled

So salty! I know! But, whatever. Fuck Final Fantasy XV. Fans of the game, however, are going to be bummed. You see, the company has cancelled all but one of the title’s planned DLC. And, it gets better! The game’s director has left the company.

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Report: Blizzard pulled a ‘Diablo 4’ announcement from Blizzcon and unleashed their own fucking Hell

report diablo 4 blizzcon announcement

If you follow gaming news to even a slight degree, then you know that Blizzard pulled a trough of shit over its own face this weekend. Indeed, the company ended their Blizzcon keynote by revealing a Diablo mobile game. Since then, just about everyone has kicked them in the cock. However, it may have been a Hell that could have been avoided. You see, reports have it that the company pulled a Diablo 4 announcement. Whoops!

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‘Diablo: Immortal’ is a full-fledged action RPG for mobile devices. This is not what we fucking wanted, yo

diablo immortal action rpg mobile

Talk about Blizzard rubbing their slick, sweaty testicles with their talons, and then rubbing those same grimy-ass talons on our face. Their big Diablo reveal was a fucking mobile game. Just. Man. All that Diablo hype and anticipation. For this.

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‘Fornite’ has been installed on fucking nearly half of all Nintendo Switches

fornite half nintendo switches

Fornite. Is popular. You knew that already. I knew that already. Anyone who reads pop culture news knew that already. However, how fucking popular? Well, the son of a bitch has been installed on nearly half of all Nintendo Switches.

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‘Red Dead Redemption 2’ Launch Trailer: One more job for the gang, they said. As if that ever works out, right?

Jesus sweet Fuck, this game is really a week-and-change away? I’m more than ready to throw my free time away.

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Microsoft is close to buying Obsidian Entertainment, may actually have first-party games worth buying soon

microsoft buy obsidian entertainment

Microsoft don’t have any fucking exclusives I care about, man. But, the company has been going on a shopping spree lately. They announced a slew of acquisitions at E3, and now they’re close to snagging Obsidian. At least they ain’t taking their lack of exclusive library laying down anymore.

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Microsoft announces their Xbox game streaming service, cause to the cloud we go

microsoft announces xbox game streaming service

Microsoft, sensibly, has decided to roll out their own game streaming service.

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Report: PlayStation 4 players will finally be getting ability to change their PSN names

ps4 name changes

Straight-fucking-up, the fact that I’m not “Caffeine Powered” on PSN bothers me. Like, not continuously. But, it’s a mild rash on my ass that flares up every once in a while. So, I’m pretty excited that I’ll soon be able to rectify this situation.

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Report: New Nintendo Switch hardware dropping in 2019, may be more powerful than an Amazon Fire this time

new nintendo switch hardware 2019

New Nintendo Switch hardware dropping in 2019, ya’ll. While the company continues to sell a fucking shitload of units, it makes sense to upgrade the guts every so often.

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