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‘Mass Effect’ lead Casey Hudson is returning to BioWare, please god fix the series I beg you

casey hudson mass effect bioware return

Former Mass Effect lead Casey Hudson is returning to BioWare to serve as the company’s general manager. Hudson. Please. I beg you. Unfuck Mass Effect.

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‘Kingdom Hearts 3’ is coming out in 2018, which means it’s currently 12% finished

Don’t fucking trust Square release dates, just don’t. Not after the last decade, not after Final Fantasy 15. However, furthermore, don’t fucking trust Square to release completed games even when they meet a release date, just don’t. Not after the last decade, not after Final Fantasy 15.

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John Romero auctioned off his ‘Doom 2’ floppies for over $3,000

john romero doom 2 floppies

Rip and tear your bank account, amirite? Still though, would be fun to own these fucking cultural artifacts. If you count simple floppies owned by a game’s creator as cultural artifacts. (I think I do?)

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‘Assassin’s Creed’ anime coming courtesy of ‘Castlevania’ producer Adi Shankar

'Assassin's Creed' anime coming courtesy of 'Castlevania' producer Adi Shankar

Assassin’s Creed is getting an anime. Now, now! Before you bark and gnash, bark and gnash. Let me tell you. It’s being produced by the same man who had a hand in Netflix’s Castlevania series, as well as cult favorite Dredd.

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‘Mass Effect: Andromeda’ will not get single-player DLC, which surprises no one

mass effect andromeda no single player dlc

Mass Effect: Andromeda is a broken ass, piece of shit game, which no one cares about anymore, that was made by a studio which no longer exists. Thus, the news that it won’t be getting single-player DLC  shouldn’t surprise anyone.

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‘Starcraft: Remastered’ dropping on August 14, get ready to have your free time zerged

starcraft remastered august 14

Starcraft: Remastered is dropping on August 14, folks. The perfect time for us in the Northern Hemisphere, you know? It will be scorching as fuck, so why not post-up in front of our personal computers, draw the shades, crank the air condition, and burn away the hours with a classic?

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‘Super Mario’ postage stamps coming to Japan, awesome but like who mails stuff

super mario stamps japan

I’ve probably mailed like, three things in my life. A testament not only to my incredible juvenility, but also the decline of you know, physical letters. But! If I lived in Japan, and I had to mail shit, I would be all over this.

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Microsoft’s AI earned a perfect ‘Ms. Pac-Man’ score, take that flesh-bags

microsoft ai ms pac man perfect score

You know how it goes. I’ve been trying to warn people for years. About artificial intelligences. First, Ms. Pac-Man perfect. Next, taking over the world.

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Nintendo announces ‘SNES Classic’, dropping September 29 for $80. Can’t wait to not find it

nintendo snes classic

Nintendo is currently announcing more dope shit for me to not be able to find, as my Nintendo Switch hunt carries on interminably.

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‘Metroid Prime 4’ is coming to Nintendo Switch, purportedly in 2018

metroid prime 4 2018

Yeah, I didn’t get around to covering this during E3! But, whatever! Metroid Prime 4 is totally a game coming to Nintendo Switch, and if you believe the scuttlebutt, dropping next year.

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