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‘Fortnite’ made nearly $300 million in April. Jesus fucking Christ, that’s a lot of Jr. Bacon Cheeseburgers

fortnite 300 million april

Last night, I was talking to a friend about Fortnite. I really enjoy watching it being streamed, despite not playing it. He thinks it’s okay, and doesn’t really get the insanity. Well, what I told him last night has been verified today. Brian, I said. We’re like one of seven people in this world not playing the game. Fucking everyone is playing the game.

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The next PlayStation is at least three years away, which bums me out, cause I want MAXIMUM POWER

next playstation three years away

The next fucking PlayStation is three years away? What the fuck! I know, I know I’m a tech whore. But, man. I want the maximum pixel-pushing power! My PlayStation 4 Pro is stru-gg-ling to push something like Far Cry 4 in pseudo-4K. Who knows, though. Maybe we’ll get a PlayStation 4 Pro+ before the big boy PS5 drops?

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‘Call of Duty: Black Ops 4’ got no single-player campaign, but it got a fucking Battle Royale mode, baby!

call of duty black ops 4 battle royale mode

Welcome to 2018, motherfuckers! A time in gaming which can be described in one phrase: FUCKING BATTLE ROYALE MODES, BABY! Single-player? Nah! Despite, you know, God of War, The Witcher, Horizon: Zero Dawn, and Breath of the Wild all proving people fucking want them! Cause, they want FUCKING BATTLE ROYALE MODES EVEN MORE, BABY!

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‘No Man’s Sky’ is getting multiplayer this July and you gotta respect Hello Games’ hustle

no mans sky multiplayer july

After No Man’s Sky dropped and was an abject fucking disappointment for most, it seemed sensible to not have high hopes for it. However, man, I respect Hello Games and Sean Murphy for patching this game into something if not as special as promised, at least very enjoyable.

I never played it in its initial iteration, but I become more and more tempted as time passes.

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‘Rage 2’ Gameplay Trailer: If Gearbox won’t give us a new ‘Borderlands’, Bethesda will

This trailer has me fucking hyped, my dudes. While I think we’re going to be seeing Borderlands 3 very soon (E3!), this new trailer for Rage 2 definitely scratches the Blands 3 itch that’s been consuming me.

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‘Rage 2’ Announce Trailer: Now With A Bit More Levity

I never played the original Rage, though I’ve had a sort of curious, voyeuristic urge to do so lately. But, despite that, I’m really intrigued by the prospect of the second title. Like, it’s been six fucking years since I got to wander Borderlands‘ post-apocalyptic Mad Max type shit. And while it seems the wait for a third title in this series may be coming to a close, at least I know a potential alternative is arriving as well.

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Cliff Bleszinski’s Boss Key Productions has closed, ending a weird and bummer of a time

cliff bleszinski boss key closes

Today, CliffyB, aka Dude Huge, aka the creator of Gears of War has announced that his games studio has closed its doors. It was a weird time, to be a fan of his, during this Boss Key Productions saga. They created the preposterously boastful and cataclysmically unsuccessful Lawbreakers. Then, they attempted to quickly pivot into the Battle Royale arena. And, now, they’re no more.

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Maybe: ‘Final Fantasy VII’ Remake date to be announced at E3. Dude, 2025 is gonna be fucking litttttttttttttt

final fantasy vii remake date e3

First off, the FFVII remake date being announced at E3 seems plausible. Second off, if you think they’re gonna make that announced date you’re a fucking sucker. Third off, if it’s earlier than 2020, I’m going to shit in your pants.

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Rumor: ‘Borderlands 3’, ‘Gears of War 5’, ‘Just Cause 4’ and more leaked by Walmart’s Canadian website

walmart borderlands 3 gears of war 5 just cause 4 leak

Fucking classic uber-fail by Walmart’s Canadian website, folks. The Great White North’s iteration of the Big Box Blight  leaked a slew of upcoming gaming titles. The only consolation? Most of them were already expected to be coming down the pipe.

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Rumor: Open-World Superman game being developed by Rocksteady

open world superman game rocksteady

There are rumblings,  once again, that Rocksteady is working on a Superman title. Specifically, the company behind them fucking Arkham games are giving old Kal-El the same kind of treatment. And if it’s true? Fuck yeah.

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