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‘Star Wars Resistance’ Trailer: Can you imagine what it’s like to be an ace pilot?

Man, I really fuck with this Star Wars Resistance trailer. More so than any of the other Star Wars animated shows, and I think it’s because I love the art style.

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Jon Favreau’s ‘Star Wars’ TV series gonna cost $10 million per fucking episode, I say goddamn!

disney star wars tv series 100 million budget

Jesus Christ, my fellow fuckers. Disney is going hard with their Star Wars TV series, and perhaps understandably so. How do you get people to sign-up for yet another streaming service? Throw infinity dollars at a flagship Star Wars series.

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‘Star Wars: Episode IX’ cast announced and it includes Carrie Fisher, Mark Hamill, and Billy Dee WIlliams

episode ix cast carrie fisher mark hamill billy dee williams

One last ride! For Carrie Fisher, Mark Hamill, and Billy Dee Williams! The three of them will all be returning for Episode IX, along with the rest of the new cast.

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‘Star Wars: Clone Wars’ Trailer: Disney brings it back for an easy win! Wait, it’s on their fucking streaming service

Hey! The Clone Wars is back! Nice! Easy fucking win for Lucasfilm. Wait, it’s going to be served-up on their streaming service? LOL.

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Billy Dee Williams officially returning as Lando Calrissian in ‘Episode IX’ and the new trilogy just got so damn smooth

billy dee williams star wars episode ix lando

It was rumored, and now it’s official. Billy Dee Williams is back as Lando in Episode IX, motherfuckers!

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‘Star Wars: Episode IX’ casts Keri Russell in “action-heavy” role. Mara Jade or GTFO, my dudes

star wars episode ix keri russell

Keri Russell is going to to be in Episode IX, my dudes. And, I’m going to riot if she ain’t Mara Jade.

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The Last Jedi: I was wrong

guardians of the galaxy vol 3 mark hamill james gunn

I went to the theater to watch TLJ the day after it came out. I couldn’t wait to see what Rian did with the film. In my mind, I was really hoping for something big. Something new. Let’s make a statement after the relatively safe TFA.

And it was something big. And new. And different. And after my initial gushing, the film soured in my mind. I felt the initial glow begin to dim, similar to what happened to me with TFA.

Maybe I read too much online?

Maybe I let others teeth gnashing get to me?

Maybe I’m really jaded and just wanted the same old shit?

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Rumor: ‘Star Wars: Episode IX’ is bringing back Ewan McGregor’s Obi-Wan and I highly fuck with this

star wars episode ix obi wan ewan mcgregor

I am one of like four people I know who is really sweating Episode IX (Rendar, Bateman, Neo, me?), and I ain’t gonna apologize! The latest rumor has Obi-Wan making an appearance in the flick, and I’m fucking down like a clown for it.

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‘Star Wars’ spin-off movies put on hold as Lucasfilm stunningly appears to get a fucking clue

star wars lucasfilm film spin off movies on hold

Man, I really, really liked Solo. But, none the less I am thrilled at the news that Lucasfilm has put their Star Wars spin-off movies on hold. It’s hard to deny that the franchise is going to be better for it in the long run. Countless Star Wars fans have been crying for new adventures in the increasingly claustrophobic Galaxy Far, Far Away. And after Solo financially flopping, it appears Lucasfilm is finally hearing the message.

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Ridin’ SOLO: Reactions! [SPOILERS]


It happened — SOLO has been released.

It took the title-role casting of an actor that no one seems to trust and the support-role casting of an actor-comedian-musician-showrunner that’s beloved and the firing of the 21 Jump Street dudes and the hiring of the kid from Happy Days and a wading through a morass of antipathy that the fanbase hasn’t shown in over a decade, but it happened.

As a lifelong believer in the Force, I made my way to the first showing I could find. And now, I’m going to cannonball into a stream-of-conscious review/reaction of the tenth theatrically-released STAR WARS movie.

Of course, I’m much more interested in your reactions — so hit up the comments section and share your thoughts about the fourth post-prequel installment.


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