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Ridin’ SOLO: Reactions! [SPOILERS]


It happened — SOLO has been released.

It took the title-role casting of an actor that no one seems to trust and the support-role casting of an actor-comedian-musician-showrunner that’s beloved and the firing of the 21 Jump Street dudes and the hiring of the kid from Happy Days and a wading through a morass of antipathy that the fanbase hasn’t shown in over a decade, but it happened.

As a lifelong believer in the Force, I made my way to the first showing I could find. And now, I’m going to cannonball into a stream-of-conscious review/reaction of the tenth theatrically-released STAR WARS movie.

Of course, I’m much more interested in your reactions — so hit up the comments section and share your thoughts about the fourth post-prequel installment.


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Boba Fett movie in the works because Lucasfilm doesn’t fucking get it. But, it’s got James Mangold writing and directing at least

boba fett movie james mangold

On the one hand: I’m so fucking done with Lucasfilm recycling all their old properties, instead of giving us dope new tales in the Star Wars universe. On the other hand: Logan‘s James Mangold is writing and directing it, and he proved with Logan he sure knows his Neo-Western type shit. So, I’m optimistic, while disappointed. Frustrated, while moderately intrigued.

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Lando Calrissian could get his own ‘Star Wars’ spin-off movie some day, says Kathleen Kennedy

lando star wars spin off movie

Kathleen Kennedy, Chief Czar of Lucasfilm, has come out and said that Lando may one day get his own Star Wars spin-off flick. As contradictory as it is for me to champion this idea, fuck it, I’m going to! I know, I know. Typically I bemoan the franchise for not striking out into new territory. But! It’s Lando! It’s Donald Glover!

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Jon Favreau’s ‘Star Wars’ TV series to take place seven years after ‘Jedi’ cause Christ knows we need more of the same

jon favreau star wars series seven years jedi

Oh, golly. Jon Favreau’s Star Wars show takes place between Jedi and Force Awakens. Can you hear it? My deep, soul-consuming yawn? I just don’t fucking need more Star Wars content that takes place at any point in the Skywalker Saga.

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‘Star Wars Resistance’ is the next animated ‘Star Wars’ series and it sounds rad as fuck

star wars resistance animated series

An “anime-inspired” Star Wars animated series? With both Oscar Isaac and Gwendoline Christie returning to do voice work? Sign me the fuck up.

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‘Solo’ Trailer: Everyone continues to seem fun, except Han himself

Jon Favreau making a ‘Star Wars’ Live-Action TV show for Disney, in case you weren’t already burnt-out

jon favreau live action star wars show

Jon Favreau is making a Star Wars live-action TV show for Disney! Which means, it’s probably going to be at least watchable! Which means, I’m going to have Bateman fire-up the ole torrent engine when it drops. ‘Cause I sure ain’t subscribing to yet another streaming service.

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John Williams is pretty much done with ‘Star Wars’ after ‘Episode IX’

john williams done with star wars episode ix

John Williams sounds like a dude who is up and fucking done with Star Wars, after Episode IX. Hard to blame the dude, who has been involved with the franchise for forty-plus years.

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J.J. Abrams says ‘Episode IX’ has a script and will begin filming in July

jj abrams episode ix script shooting july

J.J. Abrams got himself a fucking Herculean task with Episode IX. He needs to appease those Star Wars fans who hated Episode VIII. He needs to acknowledge the criticisms of his own Episode VII. One of the major stars of the movie passed away, sending the entire original script(s) into Hell. And not only that, but he has to wrap-up a saga in just one film following a movie that pretty much kicked over the entire fucking sandbox.

But! At least he has a script.

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‘Game of Thrones’ creators writing and producing new series of ‘Star Wars’ movies

game of thrones creators new star wars film series

Wait, what? The dudes behind Game of Thrones are going to be writing and producing a completely new series of Star Wars films. I can dig this, dig this so hard.

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