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Maybe: ‘Star Wars’ Original Cuts To Be Re-Released This Year For 40th Anniversary

star wars original cuts 40th anniversary

Okay! Okay! Okay. I know, I know we’ve posted a lot of these rumors before. But! But! But. This time it’s one of the more reputable, accurate Star Wars sites reporting it.

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‘Han Solo’ Movie Announces Filming Has Begun With Official Cast Photo

han solo cast picture

What the fuck. Is this week the week of a thousand cast photos? Anyways. Han Solo movie is filming. I can’t fucking wait.

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The “Jedi” In ‘Star Wars: The Last Jedi’ Is Plural According To International Translations

jedi star wars the last jedi plural translation

Multiple sites are jerking off to multiple reports that official Star Wars: The Last Jedi translations have the “Jedi” translating into plural. Take it for what it’s worth (I don’t know what it’s worth).

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‘Han Solo’ Movie Close To Casting ‘Fleabag’ Star Phoebe Waller-Bridge In CG Role

han solo movie fleabag star phoebe waller-bridge

The Han Solo movie is close to casting Phoebe Waller-Bridge in a CG role. Waller-Bridge starred in Fleabag, which is apparently an Amazon/BBC show. Didn’t know! The aforementioned star would be playing a CG role, not unlike K-2SO.

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‘Star Wars Battlefront’ Sequel Coming This Year *With* Single-Player Campaign

star wars battlefront sequel single-player campaign

Everything I’ve head about Battlefront from people who have played it, is that essentially, it was half a game. It seems Electronic Arts also heard this, as the company has gone ahead and already announced the sequel will have a single-player campaign.

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‘Han Solo’ Movie Begins Filming, Proclaims Han Shot First In Tweet

han solo movie filming

Man. These guys get it.

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Rian Johnson Shares Image From ‘Star Wars: The Last Jedi’ Editing Room

Felt so good to drop this into the cut this morning.

A photo posted by Rian Johnson (@riancjohnson) on

Crawl complete! Apparently Rian Johnson had to wait until the official reveal of Episode VIII‘s title before he could add it to the opening crawl. With the reveal…revealed, the director popped that son of a bitch in today.

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Maybe: ‘Star Wars Rebels’ Made ‘Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic’ Canon Again

star wars rebels knights of the old republic canon

So, like, is KOTOR canon again? If you read into a line from Star Wars Rebels, then, yes! And most likely? I’m thinking so. Ever since Lucasfilm issued forth that post-sale-to-Disney “Legends” dismissal of canon, they’ve been bringing certain elements back into the fold. With Knights of the Old Republic being so goddamn loved, it would make sense to reintegrate it into the current mythos.

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‘Episode VIII’ Officially Titled ‘Star Wars: The Last Jedi’

the last jedi

Oh shit oh shit oh shit oh shit.

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Lucasfilm Has “No Plans” For Digital Carrie Fisher

lucasfilm no digital carrie fisher

Lucasfilm has said they have no plans for digitally recreating Leia in Episode VIII or Episode IX. Which is fucking fantastic news. Both due to the respect shown, and also because Digital Leia looked fucking *terrible* in Rogue One.

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