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Rumor: Disney eyeing Travis Knight to direct ‘Guardians of the Galaxy 3’ and to him I say good luck

guardians of the galaxy 3 travis knight

Word on the street is that Disney wants Bumblebee director Travis Knight to helm the next Guardians movie. Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 3 will be a movie. And, it will need a director. So if we accept this reality, then yeah okay, sure. Hire Travis Knight.

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Maybe: This is the ‘Avengers 4’ trailer description. If so, sounds fucking wild

avengers 4 trailer description

A lot of people think that this is a legitimate description of the Avengers 4 trailer. Admittedly, a lot of people think the Earth is flat and that Venom was good. So I’ll understand if you don’t think that means anything. However, I’m fucking starving for Avengers 4 news. Starving! Thus, I’m ready to read anything.

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Tom Holland officially reveals Spidey’s costume from ‘Spider-Man: From Home’ and I fuck with it

Yup, I dig this. How about you?

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Ryan Coogler will return to write and direct ‘Black Panther 2’ and all is right with the MCU

black panther 2 ryan coogler write direct

Fuck to the yes, my friends. Black Panther was fantastic. Additionally, it was also very much a sliver of Ryan Coogler’s soul. So, it is fantastic that he will return for the sequel.

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Rumor: ‘Avengers 4’ picks up five years after ‘Infinity War’ which is a long time to be sad

rumor avengers 4 five years after infinity war

I really hope this fucking rumor is true. I mean, what’s more agonizing than Thanos’ snap eradicating half the universe? Having to live with the consequences for a half-a-fucking decade.

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Chloe Zhao is directing Marvel’s ‘Eternals’ movie. I’m just assuming this is a good move, given Marvel Studios’ track record

the eternals movie chloe zhao

I don’t know Chloe Zhao, at all. But, I do know Marvel Studios. They’ve been churning out enjoyable-to-really-enjoyable movie for tens years now. So I’m just assuming this is a great choice.

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No Shit: Kevin Feige confirmed to be overseeing Disney’s ‘X-Men’ films

kevin feige xmen disney movies

Like, no shit, right? Of course Kevin Feige, the Czar of Marvel Studios, is going to be overseeing the X-Men movies. This is what we’ve all been waiting for! The X-Men‘s integration into the Marvel Cinematic Universe. Why am I even talking about it, then? Cause I’m fucking hype about them coming home.

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‘Captain Marvel’ Trailer: So, You’re Not From Around Here

Fuck yeah, my dudes.

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‘Captain Marvel’ gets ass-load of official images. Rest easy nerds, her suit is fucking rad

captain marvel official images ew

Yesterday, EW blew the fucking lid off of Captain Marvel. The magazine-website-thing dropped ten official photos, and they’re all pretty rad. Her suit? Dope. Skrulls? Dope. Fucking Kree? Dope.

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‘Captain Marvel’ official look revealed through official merchandise. God bless marketing > preventing spoilers!

captain marvel official look merchandise

Hey! You! MCU stan! Do you want to see an official look at Captain Marvel? Hit the jump!

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