‘The Eternals’ Teaser Trailer: Hey Look We’re Artsy Fartsy

Marvel’s dropped a teaser trailer for The Eternals and it’s got a resounding shrug from me. Like, okay, cool. This is very pensive and serious, or something. I don’t fucking know. We’re a step away from the Man of Steel trailer which had Clark running his hands through wheat and shit. That said, of course I’ll see it. I’m Marvel Fanboy Scum.

Screen Rant:

The Eternals teaser trailer mainly offers a first real glimpse at the look and feel of Zhao’s Marvel movie, showcasing many practical, real-world locations, giving the superhero film a more grounded feel. But there is still plenty of the classic Marvel action and special effects to be seen in the teaser, with the Eternals showing off their powers, indicated by the gold CGI effect. The teaser also shows that the Eternals characters arrive on Earth a very long time ago, then live among humans for thousands of years as society advances. A number of the characters are teased in this trailer, including Harington’s Dane Whitman, who is seen in one shot. Considering Marvel has held back from divulging whether Dane becomes the Black Knight as in the comics, it’s possible he may not appear too much in any of the trailers.

The footage also teases an event that necessitates the Eternals getting involved in a conflict, though they have largely only guided humans from behind the scenes. The trailer even references the Avengers, with Sprite asking who they think will lead the superhero team in the absence of Captain Rogers and Iron Man. Her use of Steve Rogers’ real name rather than calling him Captain America seemingly indicates that scene is set after the events of The Falcon and the Winter Soldier, wherein Sam Wilson took on the mantle. It also shows that the Eternals have watched the MCU’s superheroes closely, though what it means for the Avengers to see the ancient Celestials step out of the shadows remains to be seen. For now, the Eternals movie trailer offers a good first look at the upcoming Marvel Studios film, though more will surely be revealed in the next trailer.