Report: Keanu Reeves is wanted for Marvel’s ‘The Eternals’ movie. Get this fucking done!

keanu reeves eternals

Marvel wants Keanu Reeves for The Eternals. Granted, it’s only a rumor. But, it’s a rumor put forth by the same website that first accurately reported The Eternals was happening. Man, I fucking need this.

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Marvel’s ‘The Eternals’ movie has cast ‘Train to Busan’ star Ma Dong-seok. Not familiar, but I trust em

the eternals ma dong seok

Marvel seldom fucks up casting choices. So, even though I don’t know Ma Dong-seok, I assume it’s a good call. Fuck my nose if it doesn’t work out, okay?

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Chloe Zhao is directing Marvel’s ‘Eternals’ movie. I’m just assuming this is a good move, given Marvel Studios’ track record

the eternals movie chloe zhao

I don’t know Chloe Zhao, at all. But, I do know Marvel Studios. They’ve been churning out enjoyable-to-really-enjoyable movie for tens years now. So I’m just assuming this is a great choice.

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