‘The Eternals’ Teaser Trailer: Hey Look We’re Artsy Fartsy

Marvel’s dropped a teaser trailer for The Eternals and it’s got a resounding shrug from me. Like, okay, cool. This is very pensive and serious, or something. I don’t fucking know. We’re a step away from the Man of Steel trailer which had Clark running his hands through wheat and shit. That said, of course I’ll see it. I’m Marvel Fanboy Scum.

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‘Morbius’ Trailer: Hey it’s Jared Leto as a vampire in this Spider-Man spin-off and I don’t fucking care

Morbius trailer! Woo. Man, I can’t even feign excitement. Sometimes, as a pseudo-pop culture website, you post shit you don’t care about. To cover the bases, if you will. This is one of those times.

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‘Birds of Prey’ Trailer: Harley and Friends are decidedly done with taking shit

Here’s the Birds of Prey trailer! I like it! I think? Definitely going to be seeing it, with cautious optimism steering the ship.

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There is a ‘Gremlins’ animated series in development for some fucking reason

gremlins animated series

Sure, why the fuck not? Develop a Gremlin animated series. It’s not necessary, but what the fuck is these days? It’s not needed, but it can’t be any worse than half the shit out there.

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‘Wonder Woman’ Final Trailer: Rise Of The Warrior

Final Wonder Woman trailer is final. Here’s hoping the movie is as decent as the clips they’ve dropped, which I’ve enjoyed a moderate amount.

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‘House of Cards’ Season 5 Trailer: Underwood is preferable at this point

Here’s a trailer for the fifth season of House of Cards. A show whose lead is a despicable human being, capable of anything, and yet still preferable to our current administration.

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‘Marvel vs. Capcom Infinite’ is dropping September 19

marvel vs capcom infinite september 19

We’ve got a date for the next Marvel vs. Capcom jam, folks. September 19.

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‘It’ Teaser Trailer: You Will Fear Clowns. Again.

I’ve never read It. I haven’t watched the original It in twenty-years. So, I don’t give a sh(it) (ha!) about this trailer. I hope you King folks enjoy it, though!

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Views From The Space-Ship: open your heart to the snake oil peddlers

desktop thursdays open your heart to the snake oil peddlers

This is Desktop Thursdays! Your (quasi)weekly look at my world(s). Be they emotional, virtual, realistical, video gamical. All them fucking worlds! I ain’t just about sharing, though. Show me your world(s) in the comments section. I beseech thee.

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‘Super Mario Bros.’ Movie Getting Limited Edition Blu-Ray


The Super Mario Bros. movie is getting a limited edition Blu-Ray. Oh man. I was just talking about this movie with my dad a couple of weeks ago. It was horrible — but I was young and loved it. It was horrible — but he was convinced (probably rightfully) that the actress was a babe to placate fathers taking their kids to the movies. Now! We can relive this experience, together, but maybe the actress will placate me as well? Bonding, man, over breasts. As well-established a tradition as any.

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