‘House of Cards’ Season 5 Trailer: Underwood is preferable at this point

Here’s a trailer for the fifth season of House of Cards. A show whose lead is a despicable human being, capable of anything, and yet still preferable to our current administration.


It’s been an open question how Netflix’s House Of Cards might seem relevant or topical in the age of Donald Trump following an election that was filled with so much nastiness, but the season 5 trailer might give a hint.

In the clip, we see a barrage of context-free imagery from the upcoming season, which will seemingly pick up weeks before the general election between Kevin Spacey’s Frank Underwood and Joel Kinnaman’s Will Conway. Based on those images, it’s clear that the election will go down to the wire, that Tom Hammerschmidt (Boris McGiver) will continue investigating, and that the allusions to a Trump/Underwood parallel will be unsubtle. Those “Never Underwood” signs are an indication of that. Same as Frank Underwood’s line in the trailer about “writing” people’s “wildest dreams” and “crafting their worst fears” — which has Trump’s “Make America Great Again” promises and “American cities as hellscapes” narrative in its crosshairs.

It’s also pretty clear that Frank and Claire are going to continue to be an alliance of terror and smirks, but the hunger for power seems like it’s about to take a turn toward the ravenous. Especially when you listen to Frank’s words toward the end of the trailer.