‘Wonder Woman’ Final Trailer: Rise Of The Warrior

Final Wonder Woman trailer is final. Here’s hoping the movie is as decent as the clips they’ve dropped, which I’ve enjoyed a moderate amount.

The Mary Sue:

We’ve been talking a lot about Wonder Woman in the lead-up to her first-ever live-action feature film, which comes out in less than a month. While the marketing for Wonder Woman has been a mixed bag (and hasn’t featured much of Wonder Woman herself, Gal Gadot, because she’s just given birth to her second child and is spending time with her family right now), there’s one thing on which I think we can all agree. The above final trailer is awesome as hell!

One of the things that we here at TMS have been noticing about the trailers that have been released up until this point is that they’ve been mostly recycling the same footage in the trailers over and over, with very little new added each time. Here, though, we not only get lots of new footage, but more about the actual story of the film.

For the first time, we hear more about that mysterious woman in the mask that we’ve been seeing in quick shots in the other trailers. Chris Pine’s Steve Trevor confirms that she is DC villain Doctor Poison who, in the comics, wreaked havoc on the US Army by contaminating their water supply with “reverso,” a drug that makes soldiers do the opposite of what they’re told, screwing with the brains of tens of thousands of soldiers.

We also see more of Emily Carey as Young Diana, and I’m really excited for her, as I have a soft spot in my heart for badass little girls. This little Amazonian is not about sitting on the sidelines, and when her mother Hyppolyta tells her that fighting doesn’t make one a hero, she insists, “What about a shield then? No sharp edges.” Oh, Little Diana, you rascal.

This trailer really gives us a feel for the whole movie for the first time: the relationship between the Queen and Princess of the Amazons, Diana’s evolution as a warrior and hero stemming from the fact that she’s had a fighter’s spirit and a sense of justice her whole life, Steve and Diana’s partnership and the immensity of the war, the drama, the humor … and OH, the action!