Weekend Open Bar: Draxx Them Sklounst!

drax them

I come to you, friends, from the Precipice of Doom. That’s right, I’m awaiting Bateman to pick me up in his charlatan chariot, and whisk me away to Montreal with the majority of OL for a Bachelor Weekend for a mutual friend. I come to, you, one Bateman-on-his-phone away-driving-100mph from the obliteration of Space-Ship Omega. I’m being dramatic, but I do anticipate witnessing some *shit* this weekend, the eye of a mellifluous maelstrom.

None the less, if I go down, I’m going to go down having opened Weekend Open Bar! Tell me, friends. What are you doing this weekend? Come hither, friends. I shall share with you the Montreal Mayhem in the comments section.

Let’s share in my Uatu-ass witnessing of the Fury Road.

This is Weekend Open Bar.