‘Wonder Woman 1984’ may hit HBO Max two weeks after theaters. Wild, wild times!

wonder woman 1984 hbo max streaming

In these times, motherfuckers gotta be versatile. In every avenue! So, it’s really interesting seeing how movie studios are navigating the COVID Universe. The latest example of said navigation? Warner Brothers may start streaming Wonder Woman 1984 on HBO Max two weeks after its theatrical run..

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Official ‘Wonder Woman 1984’ poster is rad as fuck, I can’t wait for this movie

official wonder woman 1984 poster

I enjoyed Wonder Woman. I fuck heavy with obnoxious colors. And, I fucking love the 1980s. This poster is perfect for me.

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‘Wonder Woman 2’ is going to be filming in Summer 2018. The comic book banality engine must churn forever

wonder woman 2 filming summer 2018

Hey, I enjoyed Wonder Woman. It was a fun enough comic book movie, and it was particularly noteworthy because it was a female directed and female starring comic book movie. But even with a healthy appreciation for the movie though, and comic book movies in general, man. They’re really going to be coming until the heat death of the universe, huh? We infantile, permanent-adolescents are going to choke on these things until we choke our last breath, huh?

Aiight, I’m in.

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‘Wonder Woman’ has become the 5th highest grossing superhero movie of all time

wonder woman 5th highest grossing superhero movie

I’m torn between being really happy that Wonder Woman is making all sorts of fucking money, and wanting to point that the movie is fun and enjoyable, but absolutely falls apart at the end. I, I guess I just successfully expressed both sentiments.

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‘The Flash: Flashpoint’ movie will feature Wonder Woman because all DCU things will now

the flash flashpoint wonder woman

Wonder Woman is going to be the new Batman of the DCU, it looks like. Not in the sense that she’s going to be hysterically brooding, miserable, and in need of therapy. No, no. Rather, she’s going to be turning up all in their properties. Since, you know. She’s the only good thing about their cinematic universe, so far.

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‘Wonder Woman 2’ officially dropping December 13, 2019, but where that Jenkins news srsly

wonder woman 2 release date december 2019

Wonder Woman 2 has an official release date. December 13, 2019. Which is awesome, and shit. But as the Justice League trailer reminded us over the weekend, a DCU movie ain’t shit without a competent director. So, like, can we get official confirmation that the director of the *only* good DCU movie will be returning for its sequel?

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‘Justice League’ Trailer: Something is coming…namely way more Wonder Woman

New Justice League trailer! Featuring, thankfully, a fucking fuckload of Wonder Woman. In case you were wondering where all those reshoots were going, it seems pretty evident from this trailer. All the Diana. Because she rules, and maybe this movie will rule, I fucking hope it rules.

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Patty Jenkins confirms she is directing ‘Wonder Woman 2’, so we can all relax

patty jenkins wonder woman 2 directing

Patty Jenkins has confirmed she’s directing Wonder Woman 2. Fantastic news. Yeah, that’s about it for the copy. I’m fucking stoked.

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‘Wonder Woman 2’ already being written by Patty Jenkins and Geoff Johns

wonder woman 2 patty jenkins script

It’s glad to see DC finally not fucking around on something awesome. Patty Jenkins and Geoff Johns are already writing the treatment for Wonder Woman 2.

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‘Wonder Woman’ co-star Robin Wright is appearing in ‘Justice League’

wonder woman robin wright justice league

Robin Wright, who fucking dominated as General Antiope in Wonder Woman, is going to appear in Justice League. Good, good. Bring as many elements from the one fun, heartfelt DC film into the company’s next offering.

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