‘Grand Theft Auto V’ Dropping On PS5 and Xbox Series X in November. The Eternal Title, Motherfuckers!

grand theft auto v ps5 xbox series x november

Grand Theft Auto V will never die. Long live Grand Theft Auto V. The already announced second remaster of the title is dropping on the new consoles this fucking November. And this dick head? Will be buying it eventually.

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Long Weekend Open Bar: Merry Christmas, Ya Filthy Animals

weekend open bar the sound of the queens gambit

Merry Christmas, ya filthy animals!

To each and every one of you motherfuckers. Man, what a fucking year it’s been. I mean, unconventional to say the least. No? Unconventional! To say the fucking least. In a year of unconventional existence, why would the holidays be any different? They wouldn’t! Which is why this Christmas Eve has been a quiet, muted affair for me. Christmas will follow too in a similar manner, obviously.

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‘Halo Infinite’ has lost another director and fuck this game’s development seems troubled

halo infinite has lost another director

Halo Infinite was supposed to launch alongside the new Xbox Series X. However it was delayed after a fucking dismal public showing at E3. Concerning! But wait, there’s more! Now the title lost yet another director. Fuck man, this shit isn’t looking good.

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Xbox head Phil Spencer teases xCloud streaming stick. Microsoft fucking gets the future, dudes.

xbox xcloud streaming stick

The head of Xbox is teasing an XCloud streaming stick, not unlike an Amazon Fire stick. This strikes me deeply, deeply as the future of gaming. Streamed to any device, free from physical hardware limitations. As a Sony fanboy, I really wonder what the fuck the company is up to, while Microsoft is making moves like this.

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Microsoft’s cheaper Next-Gen Xbox Series X is only $300. Begun, the pricing wars have!

microsoft confirms 300 dollars xbox series s

After a fucking deluge of leaks, Microsoft has revealed the price of its cheaper Next-Gen Xbox, the Xbox Series X. The motherfucker is a mere $300! However, man, I ain’t interested. I want my next-gen to be thick. Beefy. Hearty. Tell me the fucking price of the Xbox Series X and PS5, please.

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Xbox Series X could be dropping this November 6. Finally some leakage, some details, ffs!

xbox series x november 6 release date

Finally, we may have a release date for a next-gen console. Yesterday, Microsoft announced the console would be arriving this November. Now according to a leaker, the Xbox Series X is dropping this November 6. Fucking A! I’ll take this information.

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Xbox Series X gonna be able to improve older games with HDR and 120 fps. Excessive, but neat

xbox series x hdr 120 fps older games

Another week, another pretty cool nugget about the Xbox Series X. The motherfucker is gonna be able to enhance older games, adding support HDR and 120 fps. Is it necessary? Not really. Is it neat? You bet. Meanwhile, in Sony’s camp? Crickets.

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Microsoft reveals the Xbox Series X boot screen animation; as well as its 2020 plans

xbox series x boot screen

Microsoft has dropped its Xbox Series X boot screen. And yes, I fucking get excited about this sort of shit. As well, the company has laid out its 2020 road map.

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Microsoft debuting Xbox Series X gameplay on May 7. Sony, where the fuck you at kid?

xbox series x gameplay may 7

Microsoft has announced they’re dropping Xbox Series X gameplay footage May 7. Man, they seem to be crushing the next-gen reveal game. We know what the console looks like, we’re getting gameplay footage. Meanwhile, Sony’s like. We have a system, here’s a controller. How much is it going to cost? What’s it going to look like? Fuck you.

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Rumor: Microsoft is going to reveal a cheaper Xbox Series X model next month. Bro, the first model ain’t even fucking out!

xbox series x cheaper model

The Xbox Series X ain’t even launched, and there’s already rumors of a cheaper model. This ain’t new, as there have been rumors for a while about both PS5 and Xbox Series X launching with both a base and cheaper model. But, I’m beginning to think these rumors are legitimate.

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