Microsoft’s cheaper Next-Gen Xbox Series X is only $300. Begun, the pricing wars have!

microsoft confirms 300 dollars xbox series s

After a fucking deluge of leaks, Microsoft has revealed the price of its cheaper Next-Gen Xbox, the Xbox Series X. The motherfucker is a mere $300! However, man, I ain’t interested. I want my next-gen to be thick. Beefy. Hearty. Tell me the fucking price of the Xbox Series X and PS5, please.

Venture Beat:

Microsoft has taken to Twitter to confirm that the Xbox Series S is real, and the budget version of its next-gen console will cost $300.

If you’re wondering why this announcement happened in the middle of the night after a U.S. holiday, it’s all because of a leak. Windows Central then followed up with a report detailing the design and price for the Xbox Series S.

Window Central’s report includes some other details that Microsoft hasn’t divulged yet, including a November 10 release date for Xbox Series S and Xbox Series X. The site also claims that the Series X will cost $500.

Microsoft has so far only confirmed the price for the Xbox Series S. This console will not include a disc drive. And while the Series X will support 4K gaming, Microsoft intends the Series S to be more of a 1080p machine. But it will play the same next-gen games as the Series X.

Sony has not revealed the price for the PlayStation 5 yet, which will be available in two versions. One will have a disc drive, while the other will be an all digital machine.