Views From The Space-Ship: A Bad Case Of The Future-Gaze


Hey! Desktop Thursdays! Where I show you my goddamn worlds — populated by goddamn madness, beauty, reluctance, pensiveness, and really just a panoply of garbage!

Yeah yeah yeah yeah, I skipped last week. Sue me! I have a very good attorney, and though he specializes in Bird Law, I think he can probably do me right.

Yeah yeah yeah yeah, I’m over-caffeinated and ready. Oh, so ready. To rock! Here are views from across my existence the past two weeks. My worlds done tangible, done intangible, done textual. All of them, for your pleasure. I hope. Oh, I hope. You’ll share your own world(s) in the comments section!

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Lin-Manuel Miranda Producing TV And Movie Adaptations Of ‘The Kingkiller Chronicle’

lin-manuel miranda the kingkiller chronicle

Lin-Manuel Miranda is not letting his post-Hamilton life allow for much respite. Not only is he working on a secret project for Disney, he is also producing adaptations of The Kingkiller Chronicle. A property I do not know.

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Quentin Tarantino researching 1970s for his next project. Maybe Not a Movie.

quentin tarantino 1970s

Is this news? Is this a garbage headline? Is it worth reporting anyways? I don’t know, yes, and I think so. Tarantino has spent the last four years researching the 1970s for his next project. Which may not be a movie. Like I said, not really news. However, I am intrigued.

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‘X-Men: Apocalypse’ Poster: Them Horsemen About To Destroy

‘X-Men: Apocalypse’ Super Bowl Trailer: Let’s Go To War!

Watch: ‘Super Mario Bros.’ beaten blindfolded in 15-minutes

Man. I haven’t played the original Super Mario Bros., in a hot minute. I’m absolutely certain however that it would take me significantly more time than 15-minutes to beat the game, using my eyes.

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First Look: Benedict Cumberbatch as Doctor Strange


Hey! It’s Benjamin Briarpatch as Dr. Strange. What do you think?

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New ‘Warcraft’ Poster: Do You Like Obvious Imagery?

Monday Morning Commute: Reality Is A (Thin) Membrane!

Come one, come all, into Monday Morning Commute. The one-stop weekly existential circle jerk for everyone: from degenerates, to sinful nuts. From scholars, to scatalogical 7-Eleven workers. I want you all. Staring into the Cosmos, I bellow. Give me your perverted, give me your poor. Your despondent, your determined, your omni-dimensional, poly-sexual, pan-physical space lords.   I want you all, so long as you follow the faintly scrawled rules upon the walls of this  residence– the pop culture geek lord glory hole in the stank bathroom of the Internet. First, you listen to what I’m looking forward to this week. Second, you respond in kind, sharing your own anticipations and musings, so long as you follow the golden rule: god damn it, you’ve got to be kind.

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Tuesday Afternoon Commute: Dad Says The Atomic Bomb Is A High-Five From Zeus

Welcome! SpartanFuckLords! To Tuesday Afternoon Commute! The day late edition of Monday Morning Commute! I’ll level with you. I worked until 7:45 pm yesterday. By the time I got home (8:30), ate dinner (turkey chili) and began to relax (put on sweatpants and ate an entire box of Star Wars Chez-Its while laying down), I was no longer willing to open my backpack. Unleash my computer. Type up this column! But now it’s here! Monday Morning Commute! By way of Tuesday Afternoon Commute!

This column! Where we share the ArtsFartsBooksBeatsVideoGamesEtc we are looking forward to enjoying during a given week! I’ll go first! Then you share what you’re up to this week! What are you drinking? Playing? Reading? Ruminating over? Let me know~

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