Monday Morning Commute: Reality Is A (Thin) Membrane!

Come one, come all, into Monday Morning Commute. The one-stop weekly existential circle jerk for everyone: from degenerates, to sinful nuts. From scholars, to scatalogical 7-Eleven workers. I want you all. Staring into the Cosmos, I bellow. Give me your perverted, give me your poor. Your despondent, your determined, your omni-dimensional, poly-sexual, pan-physical space lords.   I want you all, so long as you follow the faintly scrawled rules upon the walls of this  residence– the pop culture geek lord glory hole in the stank bathroom of the Internet. First, you listen to what I’m looking forward to this week. Second, you respond in kind, sharing your own anticipations and musings, so long as you follow the golden rule: god damn it, you’ve got to be kind.

I want you all. Let’s share what we’re listeningto-watching-reading-playing-anythinganything this week with one another.


amon amarth

I’ve been listening to a lot of Amon Amarth lately. Viking metal! Yes!


halo 5

Halo 5: Guardians drops tomorrow. Much like all the Call of Duty games, I play every Halo out of cultural curiosity and mild to moderate entertainment. This will be no different.



Yes, yes, yes. I’ve finally started watching Fargo. The show is as wonderful as all of you around here have intimated, and I fall upon whatever sort you point me towards to make up for me neglecting it. In fact, I’m trying to rush through this column so I can bang out a couple more episodes.



It’s Halloween this week! Confession: I don’t give a shit about Halloween! It isn’t that I dislike it — rather I feel absolutely nothing when it is mentioned in my company. A “lack” more than a “disdain”, if you will. I mean shit, eat candy, and dress up. I dig both of those activities. But there isn’t any excitement bulging in my balls as the holiday nears us. I hope that those of you who do sweat it a) forgive me and b) enjoy the fuck out of it.


halting state

Remember last week when I said I was starting Daemon by Daniel Suarez? Yeah, well I started it. The book is fucking awful. Nothing like being able to physically smell the Geeky White Guy Trying to Be Cool wafting off the pages. Abysmal. Abysmal. That said, I’ve started Halting State by Charles Stross. The novel is everything I was hoping the former would be. Do recommend.


That…that’s it for me this week. Though, I’m always looking for suggestions. So tell me! What you up to this week? What you sweating?