Monday Morning Commute: Reality Is A (Thin) Membrane!

Come one, come all, into Monday Morning Commute. The one-stop weekly existential circle jerk for everyone: from degenerates, to sinful nuts. From scholars, to scatalogical 7-Eleven workers. I want you all. Staring into the Cosmos, I bellow. Give me your perverted, give me your poor. Your despondent, your determined, your omni-dimensional, poly-sexual, pan-physical space lords.   I want you all, so long as you follow the faintly scrawled rules upon the walls of this  residence– the pop culture geek lord glory hole in the stank bathroom of the Internet. First, you listen to what I’m looking forward to this week. Second, you respond in kind, sharing your own anticipations and musings, so long as you follow the golden rule: god damn it, you’ve got to be kind.

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Weekend Open Bar: We Can Do Better

i can show you the worlds

It’s the freakin’ weekend, baby! And piggybacking off last week’s belief that sometimes the longest weeks are the shortest ones, these past five days of work-grind have flown by far quicker than last week’s Genocide-Sponsored Shortened Sequence. Where did the time go? Where does the time go? Who gives a flying futz, so long as the weekend gets here with alacrity!

With the weekend comes this column, Weekend Open Bar. The weekly descent into banality, joviality, and camaraderie! Step on in with me! Share what you’re doing these next couple of days! Are you watching Sport? Are you playing Game? Are you drinking Adult Sodas? Do you have a Gif or a Musing or a Recipe?

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Monday Morning Commute: Carl’s HMO Didn’t Cover His Cybernetic Lungs

Hello, Sentient Folk. Welcome to Monday Morning Commute. This is the weekly call-and-answer column that sits atop the throne of existential feces that is The First Day of the Work Week. Within this aforementioned conglomerate of poorly formed sentences, cheap dick jokes, and the passive voice, I tell you what I’m looking forward to during a given week.

Then you holler back with your own choice arts, games, movies, comics, songs, philosophical musings. Let’s do this! Together!

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‘Steve Jobs’ Trailer: Meet The World’s Favorite TechnoJerkLord

‘Steve Jobs: The Man in the Machine’ Trailer: Creativity Is About Anarchy

‘Steve Jobs’ Trailer: Fassbender Is The Turtleneck TechnoGuy

‘Steve Jobs’ Trailer: Michael Fassbender In A Turtleneck

Sorkin’s Steve Jobs movie is dropping October 9th


Do you have any desire to see Aaron Sorkin’s Steve Jobs flick? ‘Cause it’s dropping October 9th.

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Confirmed: Christian Bale to play Steve Jobs in Sorkin’s Biopic

Christian Bale

YEAH SO I don’t think of Christian Bale when I think of people who are perfect to play Steve Jobs. No worry. The motherfucker knows a thing or two about reinventing himself for a role.

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David Fincher wants CHRISTIAN BALE to play Steve Jobs in biopic.

Christian Bale.

Remember that Steve Jobs flick that Aaron Sorkin was writing the script for? Don’t worry. I completely forgot about it too. You know, the sheer awesomeness that was Ashton Ketchup’s movie about Jobs vaporizing even the idea that there could be another movie about the same topic. But low and fucking behold! The Sorkin joint still exists. Fincher is directing. And get this! Christian Bale may play Jobs.

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