‘Steve Jobs’ Trailer: Fassbender Is The Turtleneck TechnoGuy

The Verge:

That the film will be released this year is something of a Hollywood miracle. Since Sony Pictures acquired the rights to Walter Isaacson’s book, Steve Jobs, the project has changed directors, studios, and stars. The role of Jobs has been coveted by many of the most famous actors of this generation. George Clooney, Noah Wyle, Matt Damon, Ben Affleck, Bradley Cooper, Christian Bale, and Leonardo DiCaprio were all rumored to be angling for the role ultimately given to Michael Fassbender.

According to the film’s writer, Aaron Sorkin, one person consistently attached to the project, Steve Jobs will consist of roughly three half-hour scenes, tracking the press events for three of the executive’s biggest products: the Macintosh, NeXT, and the iMac.

The film is directed by Danny Boyle, who won the the Academy Award for Slumdog Millionaire in 2008, and stars Seth Rogen, Kate Winslet, and Jeff Daniels. Steve Jobs will hit theaters on October 9th, 2015.