‘Molly’s Game’ Trailer: Sorkin’s Directorial Debut Gets Fittingly Longwinded Trailer

My god. I don’t know what I was expecting from a Sorkin trailer, if not Sorkin. So here’s the trailer for his directorial debut, which probably sets the record for most longwinded shit ever crammed into 2:46. Regarding the actual movie, I’m sort of intrigued. I guess?

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Marvel and DC both in talks with Aaron Sorkin about potential movie

marvel dc aaron sorkin movie

Both Marvel Studios and DC Films are in talks with the master of the walk-and-talk, Aaron Sorkin, about a potential movie. I’m down with this, since as I suffer capes-fatigue, odd, interesting talents like this will be necessary to keep me buzzing about these bombastic bullshit tentpoles.

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‘Steve Jobs’ Trailer: Meet The World’s Favorite TechnoJerkLord

‘Steve Jobs’ Trailer: Fassbender Is The Turtleneck TechnoGuy

‘Steve Jobs’ Trailer: Michael Fassbender In A Turtleneck

Confirmed: Christian Bale to play Steve Jobs in Sorkin’s Biopic

Christian Bale

YEAH SO I don’t think of Christian Bale when I think of people who are perfect to play Steve Jobs. No worry. The motherfucker knows a thing or two about reinventing himself for a role.

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David Fincher wants CHRISTIAN BALE to play Steve Jobs in biopic.

Christian Bale.

Remember that Steve Jobs flick that Aaron Sorkin was writing the script for? Don’t worry. I completely forgot about it too. You know, the sheer awesomeness that was Ashton Ketchup’s movie about Jobs vaporizing even the idea that there could be another movie about the same topic. But low and fucking behold! The Sorkin joint still exists. Fincher is directing. And get this! Christian Bale may play Jobs.

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Aaron Sorkin Spits About The Steve Jobs Biopic, Compares It To Writing About the Beatles.

Aaron Sorkin is the master of dialogue and the wizard of wit, and with such distinctions comes luxurious gigs, such as his latest one. Being tasked with writing the Steve Jobs biopic, Sorkin compares it to writing about The Beatles. Oh Aaron, you’re not star struck, are you? Let me touch your hair. It is gorgeous.

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Aaron Sorkin Adapting ‘STEVE JOBS’ For Sony; A Stevey Biopic To Believe In.

Aaron Sorkin. Love you, duder. The fact that you are writing a Steve Jobs biopic for Sony has me far more pumped than whatever that Aston Kutcher debacle will end up being.

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‘Moneyball’ Trailer Is Porn For Film and Sport Geeks Like Me.

If you like baseball, you know about Moneyball, the book by Michael Lewis about Billy Beane. There’s been a movie based on the book in the works for a while now, and our own Patrick Cooper gave me the heads-up on the trailer. I fucking love it. It’s got the Sexiest Man Alive, on-base percentages, and a little bit of the old human drama.

Hit the jump to check it out.

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