Aaron Sorkin Adapting ‘STEVE JOBS’ For Sony; A Stevey Biopic To Believe In.

Aaron Sorkin. Love you, duder. The fact that you are writing a Steve Jobs biopic for Sony has me far more pumped than whatever that Aston Kutcher debacle will end up being.

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A press release from  Sony,  per  /Film, among others, announces that the studio has, after  rumors if his involvement for many months, landed  Aaron Sorkin, the Oscar-winning screenwriter of “The Social Network,” to write their own Jobs biopic, entitled simply “Steve Jobs” which will be based on the biography by  Walter Isaacson. The film marks something of a homecoming for Sorkin: one of the producers is  Scott Rudin, who was behind “The Social Network,” and it’s shepherded by studio boss  Amy Pascal,  who brought the writer on to “Moneyball,” which saw Sorkin pick up his second Oscar nomination earlier in the year. The director also had a personal connection to his subject,  having once been asked  by Jobs to write a Pixar movie, which sadly never came to pass.

Right now, the film doesn’t have any other talent attached, but with Sorkin involved, you can be sure that big-name directors and stars will have their eye on the project for some time. It’s possible, of course, that the Kutcher-topped film, which has an obvious head start, could put paid to this, but given the minimal pedigree of that film, we’re not sure Sony are sweating it too much.

I will see this. I will see this, and more than likely I will enjoy it. Am I getting too far ahead of myself to hope that Fincher reteams with Sorkin? Probably. Let me have it anyways.