Sony offering PlayStation 5 details tomorrow! Spec porn war is officially on!

playstation 5 details wednesday

Yesterday, Microsoft dropped a fuck-ton of Xbox Series X specs that meant less than zero to me. Tomorrow, Sony is dropping a fuck-ton of PlayStation 5 specs that will mean less than zero to me! They’re just numbers! What do I want from both fucking companies at this point? Launch date, launch price, and launch titles. Fucking c’mon, fellas.

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Sony has made PlayStation 4 cross-play features to all developers. About fuckin’ time, no?

ps4 crossplay

Folks, Sony’s PlayStation 4 cross-play features are apparently out of beta. And with that development? The company is now making the features available to all developers. As someone who wants to sit his ass in front of his 4K TV and play with his PC friends, this is great news.

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Marvel Studios and Sony partnership on ‘Spider-Man’ movies is dead. This sucks so fucking much, dudes

sony spider man partnership

The extremely mutually beneficial partnership between Marvel Studios and Sony is dead, friends. No more Spider-Man in the MCU. Man. I really hope this is fucking posturing, dudes. Like, this blows.

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Sony is buying ‘Spider-Man’ developer Insomniac Games. Holy first-party exclusives, yo!

sony buy insomniac games

Sony is buying Insomniac Games. You may know those motherfuckers as the developer behind Spider-Man and Ratchet & Clank. Two fantastic-ass franchises. What does this shit mean? Well, there’s very little to differentiate Sony and Microsoft these days, outside of their console-exclusives. And, with Sony dominating that avenue this generation, it seems like they ain’t fucking planning to quit dominating anytime soon.

As well, shout out to our own NeoSapian for first letting me know about this!

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Sony dropped an insane amount of PlayStation 5 details at a corporate meeting, so check them out right the fuck here!

playstation 5 details

At a corporate strategy meeting yesterday, Sony dropped a fuck-load of PlayStation 5 details. The likes of which you can find below, because I’m too fucking lazy to summarize. As well, as a Sony fanboy, I’m torqued by all this.

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Sony has a new TV and film division for adapting PlayStation games. Gimme that ‘God of War’ series, please!

sony tv film playstation

Sony has created a new TV and film division. Its task? To internally develop properties based off of the PlayStation catalog.

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Microsoft and Sony form cloud gaming partnership. Love CAN bloom on the battlefield, friends!

microsoft sony cloud gaming

Cloud gaming is, if not solely the future, at least an integral fucking part of it. Case in point? Microsoft and Sony teaming-up, perhaps in an effort to stave off Google.

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Sony reveals first PlayStation 5 details. Surprise, it’s powerful-as-fuck and supports PS4 backwards compatibility!

sony playstation 5 details

Official PlayStation 5 details, friends! Nothing too surprising. Gotta admit, when I first read the article, I thought Sony mean backwards compatibility with all its devices. But, nope. Just PS4. So I’m a bit disappointed. That said, fuck yeah to more horsepower.

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Sony says they know we want single-player games and this is rad as fuck

sony single player games demand

Don’t get me wrong, multiplayer games can be dope. But, after years of catering to that field, companies seem to be getting it. God of War, Red Dead Redemption 2, and Spider-Man all have crushed it as single-player experiences this year. Now, Sony has announced they fucking get it — give the people single-player games.

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Sony PlayStation Classic dropping this December. Like, where’s my fucking backwards compatibility tho?

sony playstation classic december

I know where my backwards compatibility is, okay? It’s buried under the prospect of making a cool $100 off chodes who are willing to buy retro consoles now. That said, knowing why don’t make me any happier about it.

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