Apple’s 2019 Gaming Revenue Beat Out Nintendo, Microsoft, and Sony combined. Holy fuck.

apple gaming revenue beat sony microsoft nintendo combined

You know, I don’t really think of Apple as a gaming company. But, that failure is probably due to my own antiquated idea of what constitutes a gaming company. That fucking shit is on me, and I gotta correct it. ‘Cause man are they into gaming, and man do they make a fuckload of money off of it.

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Sony Has Invested in Discord, Will Bring it to PlayStation in 2022. This Matters To Me Now!

sony invests in discord coming to playstation 2022

Hey, did you know we have a fucking Discord? Yup! We do. It’s been getting going lately, and we’ve assembled a real collection of vagabonds, degenerates, and filth peddlers. In other words, a fantastic crew. Why is that relevant? Well, motherfucking Sony has announced they’ve invested in Discord, and they’ll be bringing that shit to PlayStation next year. That means I’ll be able to interact with said vagabonds, degenerates, and filth peddlers from the comfort of my PlayStation next year!

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Sony has bought fighting game competition Evo. Like, woah, what the fuck?

sony buys fighting game tournament evo

Sony ain’t taking Microsoft buying fucking everything laying down. Motherfuckers have bought the world’s largest fighting game competition, Evo. Which is sort of cool, right? But at the same time, it can’t sniff the jockstrap of acquiring Bethesda.

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Sony is buying Crunchyroll for nearly $1 Billion dollars! Mamma fucking mia!

sony buying crunchyroll 957 million

Dudes, it appears that Sony is buying Crunchroll! And let me tell you, the anime streaming service ain’t coming fucking cheap. The company is ponying up $957 million smackers for the son of a bitch.

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Sony sold as many PS5s in first 12 hours of pre-orders as they did PS4s in first 12 weeks of its sales. Good fucking god!

Sony got itself a motherfucking hit on its hands with the PS5s. We probably knew that already, right? But, how big of a fucking hit? The company sold as many PS5s in the first 12 hours of pre-orders as it did the first 12 weeks of PS4 sales. Mamma fucking mia!

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Sony will optimize PS5 fan performance for individual games through software updates. Fucking bonkers!

sony ps5 fan performance optimize software updates

It appears that Sony is ready to hear our prayers this generation. After years upon years of the PlayStation 4’s fan sounding like a jet engine, it seems the PlayStation 5 will be much, much quieter. It’ll be done through software updates, to optimize the fan’s performance for individual games.

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Sony says PS5 is definitely launching this year. So like, some fucking deets please?

sony ps5 still launching this year

A Sony Czar has confirmed, once again, that PS5 is launching this year. That’s all well and fucking good, but give us some fucking details. I beg you. This Microsoft and Sony stand-off is so fucking stale by now.

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Sony offering PlayStation 5 details tomorrow! Spec porn war is officially on!

playstation 5 details wednesday

Yesterday, Microsoft dropped a fuck-ton of Xbox Series X specs that meant less than zero to me. Tomorrow, Sony is dropping a fuck-ton of PlayStation 5 specs that will mean less than zero to me! They’re just numbers! What do I want from both fucking companies at this point? Launch date, launch price, and launch titles. Fucking c’mon, fellas.

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Sony has made PlayStation 4 cross-play features to all developers. About fuckin’ time, no?

ps4 crossplay

Folks, Sony’s PlayStation 4 cross-play features are apparently out of beta. And with that development? The company is now making the features available to all developers. As someone who wants to sit his ass in front of his 4K TV and play with his PC friends, this is great news.

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Marvel Studios and Sony partnership on ‘Spider-Man’ movies is dead. This sucks so fucking much, dudes

sony spider man partnership

The extremely mutually beneficial partnership between Marvel Studios and Sony is dead, friends. No more Spider-Man in the MCU. Man. I really hope this is fucking posturing, dudes. Like, this blows.

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