Streaming tonight! Special fucking night! Same fucking time! 10 pm Eastern!

streaming tongiht friday sept 20

It’s Friday! But, we’re streaming! Change of night for the week! Hope to still see you there! Playing Donkey Kong Country 2, talking horror movies, video games, and probably about butts.

Oh, and if this isn’t convenient for you, blame Bateman. Kid is a prick.

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‘The Joker’ Trailer: Joaquin Phoenix is gloriously haunting

Man, this Joker trailer is fucking u-n-c-o-m-f-o-r-t-a-b-le. And, I fucking love it.

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Official poster for Joaquin Phoenix’s ‘The Joker’ has dropped, along with trailer announcement. It’s coming tomorrow, friends!

joaquin phoenix joker poster trailer

I’m all about this, friends.

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New photo from Joaquin Phoenix’s ‘Joker’ movie reveals a melancholic look at Batman’s arch-nemesis

joaquin phoenix joker photo tv

I’m really stoked for this movie. Can’t help it! Seems so different than most comic book movies. Which, granted, could portend something really interesting, or a colossal mess.

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Jared Leto’s time as The Joker is finished. I sort of thought he was fucking done a while ago

jared leto the joker finished

Jared Leto’s time as The Joker is finished! Phew, fucking phew. But, if I’m being honest, I thought he was already done.

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First Look: Joaquin Phoenix in Joker make-up. I’m completely fucking sold.

joaquin phoenix joker make up

Been sold on this movie for a while now, folks. This first test footage of Joaquin Phoenix in Joker make-up? Only makes me more sold. Hit the jump for the footage.

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Joker origin movie lands an official title and release date, October 4, 2019

joker origin movie title release date

If this movie were surrounded by different circumstances, I’d be pretty fucking stoked. I mean, Joaquin Phoenix as the Joker? If the DCEU wasn’t a filled diaper at the bottom of a burning dumpster, I’d be torqued by this perfect casting. But, as things stand, I guess I’m cautiously optimistic?

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‘Joker’ origin movie starring Joaquin Phoenix officially fucking happening. LOL, K!

joaquin phoenix joker origin movie

Maybe this movie will be fucking awesome. Maybe it won’t be. But, I ain’t giving DC the benefit of the doubt until they string together two movies that don’t huff fucking sun-baked bowls of diarrhea.

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Jared Leto is getting his own Joker movie ’cause we deserve nothing better

jared leto the joker movie

God is dead and the DC Cinematic Universe killed him, hahaha, good god. But, hey, Suicide Squad made money. Which is more than, you know, Lucasfilm can say about their latest venture. Though, to be fair, I really enjoyed Solo, and I though Suicide Squad was one of the worst popcorn movies I’ve ever seen.

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Joaquin Phoenix in talks to play The Joker in the character’s origin story movie

joaquin phoenix joker origin story

Joaquin Phoenix as The Joker? I can support this casting. But, I ain’t getting my hopes up for the casting, or the movie. Phoenix was supposed to be Doctor Strange, but then bailed the fuck out. Not only that, but, man. Getting excited for a DCU movie at this point feels like an exercise in false hope.

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