Neill Blomkamp wants Peter Weller for ‘RoboCop Returns’ because fucking OBVIOUSLY

robocop neill blomkamp peter weller

In a stunning non-revelation, it turns out that Neill Blomkamp wants Peter Weller for his RoboCop sequel. Like, fucking obviously. Not surprising. I mean, the dude *is* RoboCop. That said, let’s get this fucking done.

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Neill Blomkamp wants Peter Weller to reprise his role as ‘Robocop’ in the upcoming sequel. I’m even more sold on this shit, dudes

neill blomkamp peter weller robocop sequel

Yo, does it ever seem like Neill Blomkamp fucking gets it. I was already marginally excited about the director bringing to life a Robocop sequel. With the original writers. But, now? Dude wants to bring back the Robocop. Let’s get this shit done.

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‘RoboCop’ being rebooted by Neill Blomkamp and the original writers. I can fuck with this!

robocop neill blomkamp original writers

RoboCop being rebooted? Ehh. But wait, it’s being directed by Neill Blomkamp? Hmm. And better yet, the original writers are involved? Well, sign me the fuck up!

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‘ROBOCOP’ Trailer: Refried Robo-Bits


You know, I wouldn’t have thought many people would care about the trailer for the RoboCop remake. But my Twitter, Facebook, and Tumblr feeds suggest differently. So uh — here it is! I am quite the fan of the original, so mannn…I don’t know. Color me skeptical. What do you think?!

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RoboCop is fighting AL QAEDA in the remake. Hilariously dumb.

RoboCop is going to fight terrorists in his upcoming remake. File this under the pantheon of dumb ideas that manifest themselves in reboots. Let RoboCop shoot some errant perps, posture a lot, and quip like a motherfucker. Don’t get him involved in an asinine plot point that wore out its jingoist welcome a solid seven years ago.

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Gary Oldman Joins ‘ROBOCOP’ Reboot As The Dude Who Creates The Bionic Crime Fighter

Wizard dude. The guy from Leon.  Commissioner  Gordon. Smiley. Gary Oldman has himself a fucking career, but what is he going to do after The Dark Knight Rises? Build RoboCop, duh.

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ROBOCOP To Voice Batman In Animated ‘DARK KNIGHT RETURNS’; Fanboy Convergence

RoboCop is donning the goddamn cowl, in a manner of speaking. Peter Well, the one true Robotic Cop of my childhood, will be voicing the Bat in the upcoming Dark Knight Returns  animated adventure.

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Joel Kinnaman Is Official ‘RoboCop’, Are You Pumped?!

The RoboCop  reboot is here, and in confirmation of early reports, Joel Kinnaman is going to play the steel-plated piece of crime-blasting shit.

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