‘Preacher’ Season 2 Trailer: On the road to find God, finally

I gave up on the first season of Preacher, since, compared to the comics (at the very least) it sucked. That said, now that the crew is finally on the road, maybe I’ll enjoy it? Someone let me know. You, you there. Let me know.

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DC Comics TV Series Create $1 Billion A Year In Revenue

dc comics tv series revenue

Woah. So. Apparently, DC Comics TV series revenue tops $1 fucking billion a year. Holy taint. Which explains why DC keeps churning out them TV series. And, supposedly, they’re good. Not doubting it, just never seen them.

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Comics Artist Steve Dillion Has Passed Away at Age 54

‘Preacher’ has been renewed for a second season; 13 episodes!


I haven’t really been watching Preacher. In my defense, I haven’t been watching much of anything. But my interactions with the show based on one of my favorite comic series of all time have been reserved when I have watched have been skeptical, and only marginally positive. I’ll watch, though! I’ll watch. And here’s hoping the show begins to find its legs, leave the fucking town already, and get weird. This season and the next.

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Monday Morning Commute: See Ya Later, Ya Leadfoots

space-ship omega

MondayMondayMonday Morning Commute! It’s the column!

It’s my one-year anniversary today, yo. The Wife and I. Dang hitched. I don’t feel much regarding it, though. Spoke about it with the better half, and we’re both like, you know. Shrug emoji. The date that sticks out to the both of us is our initial date. Feels more genuine than the $20,000+ back-patting we threw for…our parents a year ago.

I mean, don’t get me wrong.

It was a great night.

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‘Preacher’ Series Premiere Trailer: A Hell of A Good Time

Man, I can’t fucking wait for Preacher. It was one of my favorite comic book series during my late adolescence, exploiting my cliched angst with the Lord, anger at the World, and love of Sex and Violence. Not much has changed deep in my Soul since them days sixteen+ years ago, and so I’m hoping I have a mutually explicit reverie for the TV series.

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‘Preacher’ TV Clip: Tulip O’Hare is not to be trifled with


After the jump, because people are evil and embed fucking video clips in Tweets. Jesus.

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New ‘Preacher’ Photo of Cassidy teases extended look tomorrow after ‘Fear The Walking Dead’

New ‘Preacher’ Trailer: Blasphemy Is A Blast

Official ‘Preacher’ Poster: Smokin’ Heresy This May