‘Preacher’ Series Premiere Trailer: A Hell of A Good Time

Man, I can’t fucking wait for Preacher. It was one of my favorite comic book series during my late adolescence, exploiting my cliched angst with the Lord, anger at the World, and love of Sex and Violence. Not much has changed deep in my Soul since them days sixteen+ years ago, and so I’m hoping I have a mutually explicit reverie for the TV series.


If any show can break the hold Game of Thrones and The Walking Dead has over the internet it just might be AMC’s new series Preacher.

Based off a popular comic book series, the show is a supernatural dark dramedy that follows a Texas preacher tasked with bringing about justice via his divinely imparted abilities. It’s a story that’s passed through quite a few hands over the years before landing at AMC courtesy of Seth Rogen and Evan Goldberg and by the looks of the show’s series premiere trailer, it was worth the wait.