Sony says PS5 is definitely launching this year. So like, some fucking deets please?

sony ps5 still launching this year

A Sony Czar has confirmed, once again, that PS5 is launching this year. That’s all well and fucking good, but give us some fucking details. I beg you. This Microsoft and Sony stand-off is so fucking stale by now.

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New PlayStation 5 patent suggests its using liquid metal cooling paste. Whatever the fuck it takes, dudes!

ps5 liquid metal cooling paste

Apparently, according to a patent, the PlayStation 5 is using an “Eutectic Liquid Metal type paste, which should improve the heat transfer from the previously used thermal paste” (Fisher). Whatever the fuck that means! I genuinely don’t know. All I know? Is that when I’m playing Ghost of Tsushima, my PS5 sounds like an airplane and runs hotter than fucking balls. So, let’s hope this works!

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Sony’s PlayStation 5 production is on track for holiday launch. So like, how about the launch date and price, fellas?

ps5 production on track holiday launch

Apparently, Sony’s PlayStation 5 production is on track to launch this holiday! Which is dope and all, but can we have some fucking details? Please? A launch date? Month? A price? A rough guess?

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Sony’s PlayStation 5 reveal now scheduled for June 11! Hell fucking yes.

Sony has officially rescheduled their delayed PlayStation 5 reveal, friends! It’s coming this Thursday, June 11. I’m absolutely fucking stoked.

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Sony announces PlayStation 5 event for June 4th. Hope they show actual decent amount of gameplay, unlike fucking Microsoft’s event

Sony’s finally giving us something fucking PlayStation 5 related, folks. It’s going to be an event next week, where they’ll showcase PS5 games. This is dope as hell in theory, if they actually show gameplay unlike Microsoft’s fucking Xbox Series X presser.

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Sony is planning a PlayStation 5 conference for next week, on June 3. Give me a fucking launch date and price, I beg you!

sony playstation 5 conference june 3

Mamma fucking mia! Could next week be the date that I get a launch date and a launch price for my PlayStation 5? It’s looking good, it’s looking good. There’s a conference set for June 3.

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Sony has announced PlayStation Studios brand for its first-party PS5 titles. I can dig it!

Sony’s finally unifying all of its first-party games under one brand. That brand name? PlayStation Studios! It’s simple and to the point, and I can fuck with that.

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PlayStation 5 supply is going to be limited at launch due to higher price. Fucking c’mon, brooooooo

playstation 5 limited launch supply

Good news for PlayStation stans: the PlayStation 5 is launching this year. Less good news for PlayStation stans: there’s going to be a limited supply at launch, due to a higher price. But, good news for me personally: my wife has said I can get it, regardless of price.

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First Look: Check out the DualSense, the PlayStation 5’s redesigned controller. It’s weird, but I can fuck with it!

sony playstation 5 dualsense

The PlayStation 5 got itself a remarkably new controller, the DualSense. You can definitely see vestiges of the DualShock 4 in its design. However, it’s the largest departure for the company in a hot minute.

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Sony reveals PlayStation 5 specs in insanely boring presentation by lead architect Mark Cerny

ps5 official specs reveal

If you are like me, you’re deeply horny for some tangible next-gen news. Like, price points. Games. Release dates. But, first this week Microsoft failed to stroke me. And today, Sony followed suit.

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