New PlayStation 5 details have arrived. Dropping late in 2020, with a new UI, revamped controller, and more!

playstation 5 2020

Some new PlayStation 5 details for us slobs who are jonesing. The motherfucker has been officially confirmed to be dropping next year! A revamped controller! A new user interface! Give me all this shit.

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The PlayStation 5 design has possibly leaked. Holy fucking Flying-V, dudes!

sony playstation 5 design (2)

If you believe a now-deleted tweet, this is the design of the PlayStation 5. And obviously, my dudes, it’s fucking wild. Do I believe it? Well, the tweet was deleted. Usually a good sign something was revealed that shouldn’t have been.

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Sony dropped an insane amount of PlayStation 5 details at a corporate meeting, so check them out right the fuck here!

playstation 5 details

At a corporate strategy meeting yesterday, Sony dropped a fuck-load of PlayStation 5 details. The likes of which you can find below, because I’m too fucking lazy to summarize. As well, as a Sony fanboy, I’m torqued by all this.

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Sony reveals first PlayStation 5 details. Surprise, it’s powerful-as-fuck and supports PS4 backwards compatibility!

sony playstation 5 details

Official PlayStation 5 details, friends! Nothing too surprising. Gotta admit, when I first read the article, I thought Sony mean backwards compatibility with all its devices. But, nope. Just PS4. So I’m a bit disappointed. That said, fuck yeah to more horsepower.

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Rumor: PlayStation 5 to have backwards compatibility according to leaked patent. Goddamn fuck yes about time!

rumor ps5 backwards compatibility

Man, sometimes, all I want to do is play a dope-ass PlayStation 3 game on my PS4. But, I fucking can’t! No backwards compatibility. However, my dream may come true next generation.

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The next PlayStation is at least three years away, which bums me out, cause I want MAXIMUM POWER

next playstation three years away

The next fucking PlayStation is three years away? What the fuck! I know, I know I’m a tech whore. But, man. I want the maximum pixel-pushing power! My PlayStation 4 Pro is stru-gg-ling to push something like Far Cry 4 in pseudo-4K. Who knows, though. Maybe we’ll get a PlayStation 4 Pro+ before the big boy PS5 drops?

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