Monday Morning Commute: A Cascade of Comfort

Seven years ago today, I wrote a Monday Morning Commute where I was getting excited for the PlayStation 4. It was titled “A Cascade of Nonsense” and captured how stoked I was! Now, I’m writing an MMC getting excited for the PlayStation 5. Mamma mia, right? This place has been around for a long, long time. And I’m glad it is, to serve as a community and a chronicling of my adventures and excitements.

Small comforts in big times, my friend. They’re the only way I’m navigating this minefield of civic unrest, worldwide sickness, and Zoom classrooms. For if we can’t find them, then what? Doom! Gloom! Madness!

So, I’m about to tell you what I’m excited for this week. Then, I hope you’ll hop into the comments section and give me your own run down.

This is Monday Morning Commute. On a Wednesday. Live from the Space-Ship Omega.

Let’s do this.



Still milling through the same ole shit on the television, friends. Watching some Ted Lasso, being staggered by its charm and wit. Crushing the weekly installments of The Mandalorian. Eyeing The Boys and figuring my wife and I should probably polish off the second season. Aside from Lasso, nothing is really lighting my tits on fire. But, that’s okay! I am happily settling for being merely entertained.


[Mental Health]

I am tired, motherfuckers! My extremely-better half has been dealing with a health scare the past week (we just found out it’s not cancer, bless up), Zoom classes are absolutely putrid (I feel for the students and myself), and the pandemic is absolutely rocking our country. Which means I sort of walk around in a fugue state these days, drudging through classes and hoping I don’t get The Rona.

I’m eyeballing Thanksgiving Break like a fat kid (me) eyes cake. If I can just make it there, my friends! Then, just two weeks will be left in the semester.

I can stay strong. You can stay strong. We can all stay strong. And for the moments where we can’t? That’s why the lord created pizza and marijuana.



Clap your hands and say fuck yes, friends! It’s PlayStation 5 week. I’ve always been a console slut, and this generation will be no different. Currently, I’m tracking my PS5 as it begins its march towards my house. If the Lords of Kobol hear my prayers, it’ll arrive by its forecasted time of tomorrow evening. Regarding what I’m going to play, I went whole hog glutton and bought both Miles Morales and the new Call of Duty. What’s even more rad is that both of them are on the reasonable side, lengthwise. In other words, I’ll be able to polish them off before Shadowlands and Cyberpunk 2077. Give me a fuck yeah!

Finally, Bags and I are starting Hades tonight. We’ve been eyeballing the bitch for a hot minute. In fact, I’ve been sweating it since its Early Release. Now with Dead Cells finally being dominated, we can turn our eyes towards Hell!


[Child’s Play]

Aiight, why didn’t anyone tell me that Chucky fucking rules? Or more specifically, why didn’t anyone explain that why Chucky fucking rules? Like, Bags sold me on the idea that the dude was a little sneaky prick, but man. He’s fucking hilarious! Like, the idea of a murderous doll is okay. But, the idea of a fucking angry, spite-filled murderous doll with one-liners is a revelation. Bags and I have watched the first three installments in the series, and goddamn we are in for the rest.


That’s about it for me, my friends! What the fuck are you digging this week? What creatures are comforting you?