Monday Morning Commute: A CASCADE OF NONSENSE

Cascade of Nonsense.

Welcome to the Cascade of Nonsense. The white noise that keeps us complacent, ’cause otherwise we might be getting jittery. Someday you’ll die, someday we’ll exhaust this rotting Blue Marble, someday the sun will smirk before burning us up anyways. It’s all dumb and pointless and so we’re tasked with kicking it absurdity. Finding our own meaning, demanding our own purpose, but really probably just manufacturing our own cultural opiates to keep us numb to these nonsensical factoids of the world.

This is Monday Morning Commute. What composes your armature of pointlessness? How are you surviving this week? Hit me.


Burial at Sea.


The first batch of BioShock Infinite DLC is dropping this week and let me tell you a little secret. I don’t think BioShock Infinite is a very good video game. There, I said it. Much in the same Mystery Box nonsense out of a Lindelof creation, I find that the game is largely untelligible, offers very little in the way of cogent social critique (it tries, but it is ultimately subsumed by the reality-bouncing nonsense), and Columbia is largely a deadened carnival ride. Not the living, breathing existence that was Rapture.

Did I enjoy the game while I played it? Sure.

Did I immediately begin to feel let down? Yes.

Do I think you need timelines and graphs to understand a story? Absolutely not.

Am I hoping that this obvious, obvious, obvious fan service DLC manages to be rewarding anyways? Of course.


Catching Fire


Fuck yeah I’m beginning to get excited for Catching Fire.


Man of Steel.


I was kind of buzzed last night and I bought Man of Steel. What the fuck, I know. Despite what it may seem, I really wanted (want?) to like this game. Nothing pains me more than being let down by any superhero movie, and I was stoked for this flick for months. With Mrs. Caff-Pow having not seen it, I rolled the dice and bought it. I doubt I’ll like it anymore. But at least it’ll have Faora. (Plus I’m kicking around the idea of recording Bateman and me watching flicks.)




I know it’s cool to hate video games and their direction but I’m not in that club. And so despite the problems plaguing the video game industry (as any gazillion-dollar industry), as this generation draws to close I’m being wistful. There have been All Time Great experiences for me on these soon-to-be-surpassed consoles. Uncharted, Mass Effect, Fallout, BioShock, Bastion, Bayonetta, Call of Duty (for me? Yes), BorderlandsAll of these franchises provided me beautiful moments, hundreds of hours of enjoyment, and proved that there is mainstream wonder left despite the barnacles affixing themselves to the exposed-and-pumping heart of the gaming world.


PlayStation 4.


Which is why I’m excited for my PS4 to arrive this Friday. Maybe consoles die this generation, maybe I end up buying a Steam Box and kicking my PS4 into the creak. All I fucking know is that I’m amped to be a gamer, amped to play Triple-A, indie, panned, maligned, excellently-review-but-underperforming, and esoteric games on whatever format becomes dominant.


That’s my video game-centric week. Otherwise it’s just work-induced blitzkriegs on my physical and emotional well being. What are you all up to?