‘Uncharted’ set photos offer look at Tom Holland as Young Nathan Drake. And? Dude looks good!

Man, the Uncharted movie is really fucking happening! It’s been in development for, like, 99% of OL’s existence. That said? Tom Holland looks good as young Nathan Drake in this set photo. Or at the least, not actively bad. IMO, IMO, of course.

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‘Uncharted’ movie adds ‘Bumblebee’ director Travis Knight. But, I ain’t getting too horny

uncharted movie travis knight

Bumblebee is one of my favorite popcorn flicks of the past few years. So, I should be pretty fucking stoked about its director coming aboard the Uncharted movie. But, fuck. This project has so many starts and stops that I can’t get too excited about it.

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‘Uncharted’ movie starring Tom Holland finally has a release date. No, really. December 18, 2020.

uncharted movie 2020

Wait, the Uncharted movie is really fucking happening? I mean, I guess I believe it? It’s starring Tom Holland. Which as much as I like the guy as Spider-Man is whatever. But, it’s being directed by the dude behind 10 Cloverfield Lane, Dan Trachtenberg. Which is dope.

Pencil me in for cautiously optimistic.

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EA’s ‘Star Wars’ game is now on the shelf after ‘Uncharted’ director Amy Hennig leaves company

uncharted ea star wars game amy hennig

EA! How badly can you continuously fuck up, BRO!? You had Amy Hennig, one of the industry’s preeminent directors helming your Star Wars game. Now you no longer got Amy Hennig, and you no longer got that Star Wars title. Ya’ll a company worthy of pairing up with the equally inept Lucasfilm.

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‘Uncharted’ movie will be a prequel starring Tom Holland (or Spider-Man if you prefer)

uncharted prequel tom holland young nathan drake

Tom Holland is going to be playing a young Nathan Drake in the Uncharted movie. Which will be a prequel. Wait, what? Sure. Okay. Or something

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‘Uncharted: The Lost Legacy’ dropping on August 22

uncharted the lost legacy august 22 $40

More Uncharted, this August? Sign me the fuck up. I know it’s only a standalone expansion, but I’m goddamn ready for it.

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‘Uncharted: The Lost Legacy’ Trailer: A Spin-Off Starring Chloe And Nadine

Uncharted 4 is getting DLC which will also function as a standalone game, called The Lost Legacy. The standalone will star Nadine from the aforementioned title as well as Chloe, who made her debut in the franchise’s second title.

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‘Uncharted’ movie finds new writer in Joe Carnahan (‘The Grey’)


Oh hey Uncharted is still getting a movie adaptation. Its latest writer is Joe Carnahan, who has done a smatter of work, none of which I enjoyed more than The Grey.

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‘Uncharted’ Trilogy soundtrack coming to vinyl


Confession: while I definitely fucked with Uncharted, I don’t really recall the music from the games. Perhaps this is because I was usually squeezing my testicles and screaming at the top of my lungs in excitement during the series’ most epic moments. But even with that made clear, the idea of the games’ soundtracks coming to vinyl is pretty dope.

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Voice actor Nolan North and Warner Bros. have a “big, big project” in the works


You know Nolan North. Even if you don’t know him by name, if you’re a gamer you’ve heard his voice. ‘Cause dude is Everywhere. Now North is saying that he has an enormous project in the works with Warner Bros. My guess? Blind guess? Maybe a Superman game? What do you think.

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