‘Fallout 3’ on a vintage 1950’s era Philco Predicta TV set. Retro Swoon.

‘Fallout 4’ script is bigger than ‘Fallout 3’ and ‘Skyrim’ scripts combined

Fallout 4.

Goddamn! This is exactly the sort of news I cannot handle. I cannot handle this news because it makes me sweat Fallout 4 so hard. I cannot handle this news because it surely cements the Death of my (Non-Existent) Social Life come this November.

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Elon Musk and Tesla Motors have gone OPEN-SOURCE with their Electric Car Patents

good guy musk

It appears that while Elon Musk contemplates making a flying car, he’s letting everyone else get into the electric car game. Musk and Tesla Motors have “opened” the patents to their electronic car vehicle things “in good faith.” I don’t really know what “good faith” means, but if we aren’t somehow subverting these plans to make a plasma cannon from Fallout 3 we’re goofing up.

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Patrick Brown crushes the ‘FALLOUT 3’ artwork game

Rad as fuck.

Nothing much to say here, other than Patrick Brown is responsible for a hell of a dose of Fallout 3 artwork. Tasty enough to remind you how good the game was, hellaciously tasty enough to remind you how badly you want Fallout 4.

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Monday Morning Commute: A CASCADE OF NONSENSE

Cascade of Nonsense.

Welcome to the Cascade of Nonsense. The white noise that keeps us complacent, ’cause otherwise we might be getting jittery. Someday you’ll die, someday we’ll exhaust this rotting Blue Marble, someday the sun will smirk before burning us up anyways. It’s all dumb and pointless and so we’re tasked with kicking it absurdity. Finding our own meaning, demanding our own purpose, but really probably just manufacturing our own cultural opiates to keep us numb to these nonsensical factoids of the world.

This is Monday Morning Commute. What composes your armature of pointlessness? How are you surviving this week? Hit me.

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‘FALLOUT 4’ teased by Three Dog’s voice actor. WASTELAND GET.

Just today! Just today, I was wondering when the fuck I was going to get to wander the Wasteland yet again. I slathered petroleum jelly on my bits as I contemplated, rubbing over the idea of playing a Fallout title running on the Skyrim engine. My supplication must have been heard by Them, for this very same today comes a tease. Yes. Yes, yes, yes.

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Bethesda Now Hiring ‘Future Generation Console Programmers’, IT’S COMING

Ain’t no purpose denying it no more. The next generation is slowly walking into gaming’s party. Sauntering in through the side door. The signs are everywhere! The latest one is none other than Bethesda hiring programmers for the next cadre of gaming consoles.

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Concept Artist For ‘Fallout 3’ & ‘Skyrim’ Has Passed Away. Salute!

The conceptual mind behind the glory that is Fallout 3 and Skyrim’s concept art passed away this week. While I love Skyrim something fierce, Fallout 3 snatch-and-grabbed a big part of my heart this generation, in no small part to its gorgeous art and design.  Adam Adamowicz was a driving force behind it, and so I salute the good lad’s contributions and wish him well in his return to cosmic matter.

For a more befitting tribute, check out this article.

Video: ‘Fallout: Nuka Break’ Is Now Ongoing Web Series, Episode One Here.

Earlier this year I posted a short fan film called ‘Fallout: Nuka Break’. It was pretty radical and maybe even gnarly at the time, and so it’s goodness for me that it’s become an ongoing web series.

Hell yeah!

Hit the jump to check out the first episode.

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Mr. Pipboy Goes Stay Puft Marshmellow Man! All Will Cower!

[Source: Renée Chio via Gamefreaks]