Bethesda Now Hiring ‘Future Generation Console Programmers’, IT’S COMING

Ain’t no purpose denying it no more. The next generation is slowly walking into gaming’s party. Sauntering in through the side door. The signs are everywhere! The latest one is none other than Bethesda hiring programmers for the next cadre of gaming consoles.


Bethesda Game Studios is looking toward the future, hiring for “Future Generation Console Programmer” positions. We should be clear: these jobs are for working on “an unannounced game on future-generation consoles.” They’re not for future generations of  people. In fact, you need 5 years of development experience, so not being born yet is actually a big disadvantage.

The listing doesn’t give much of a clue as to the technology Bethesda is targeting with its future  Elder Scrolls  or  Fallout  or whatever — applicants need experience programming for PS3 and Xbox, and DirectX 11 experience is “a plus.”

Fallout 3. Skyrim. Goodness me if those aren’t two of my favorite games this generation. Lord only knows what Bethesda is going to be capable of trotting out on the next-gen consoles, but I can’t fucking wait to see. Fallout 4? I beg.