‘Avowed’ Trailer: After Obsidian went ‘Fallout’ now they’re going full ‘Skyrim’ and I’m here for it!

You know, I never thought much of Obsidian. Despite them making Fallout: New Vegas, which is beloved. However, they absolutely blew my tits off with The Outer World. Which means I’m completely down with Avowed, clearly their take on Skyrim. Here’s the trailer!

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‘Fallout 4’ script is bigger than ‘Fallout 3’ and ‘Skyrim’ scripts combined

Fallout 4.

Goddamn! This is exactly the sort of news I cannot handle. I cannot handle this news because it makes me sweat Fallout 4 so hard. I cannot handle this news because it surely cements the Death of my (Non-Existent) Social Life come this November.

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Valve: Added paid mods. Valve: Has removed paid mods.


Valve added paid mods last week. Valve has removed paid mods this week.

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Cosplay: Aela the Huntress from ‘SKYRIM’ slaying my heart.


Been a second since the Space-Ship has transmitted. It being the weekend and all, why don’t we start our re-connection with some lovely cosplay?

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Press Start: Sweaty Penis Pizza Party

Welcome to Press Start! It’s a column about my intense self-loathing, eating and masturbatory habits, cleverly disguised as a week in the events of video game culture. Come on in.

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Cosplay: Aela The Huntress from ‘SKYRIM’ is warmth in the tundra.

This, this is the goodness right here. As the frost covers the ground, just imagine this wonderful lass keeping you company.

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‘SKYRIM’ DRAGONBORN DLC Trailer: Remember this game?

Whassup with Bethesda, man? When Fallout 3 dropped, they unleashed a torrent of solid DLC. Skyrim? Different story. Here is the trailer for the Dragonborn DLC, but with it dropping nearly a year later, how many of you fools are enticed?

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Press Start: Kevin kills kittens for kicks

Sometimes it’s quite difficult to come up with amusing and witty quips for these intros. Well, it is if you’re me, anyway. So, in the absence of comedy and wit, here are some suggestions for amusing accents that you can use whilst you read this week’s Press Start in your head:

-Stoic Japanese Samurai
-Hollering Redneck
-Swedish Chef
– Disgruntled Pierce Brosnan
– Aroused Patrick Stewart

Now, on with the video games.

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Skyrim ‘HEARTHFIRE’ DLC drops next week, letting you get all nesting instinct.

Here’s a second batch of Skyrim DLC I won’t be buying. Until some late night when I’m drunk and wistful, proclaiming to myself that I wish I could just “live in Skyrim” because “despite the dragons, it is quite a beautiful place” and everything.

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‘SKYRIM: DAWNGUARD’ DLC TRAILER: I’ve Missed You, You Son Of A Bitch

It’s been a spell since I’ve snuggled up against the  arctic  loins of Skyrim. During our separation, my heart has indeed grown fonder. I find myself thinking of the game, fingering the bauble it left me for Christmas. My heart yearns, and so it shall be answered. Here’s the trailer for our upcoming reunion, the DLC Dawnguard.

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