‘Horizon: Forbidden West’ is dropping on PS5 in 2021. Fucking next year! Thank the Maker.

Holy shit, dudes. Horizon: Forbidden West is arriving in 2021! Next year. So soon! I mean, it’ll have been four years since the original. So it makes sense. And man, I’m fucking stoked.

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US spending on video games just broke its quarterly record. A goddamn $10.9 billion spent!

us spending video games quarterly record

What to do during a pandemic? There’s one possibility: video games. US spending on video games hit $10.9 billion in the first quarter of 2020 alone. I say motherfucking goddamn!

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PlayStation 4 is the second best selling console of all damn time. It’s sold 102.8 million systems, g’damn.

playstation 4 second best selling console

The PlayStation 4 is successful, folks. We’ve known that for a minute. But, how fucking successful is it? It’s officially the second best selling console of all time. And? It makes sense. It has an absolute fucking Murderer’s Row of exclusives.

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Nintendo Switch has sold 36.87 million fucking consoles, which keeps pace with PS4’s lifetime sales. I say goddamn!

nintendo switch 36.87 million consoles

The Nintendo Switch is an successful motherfucker. Yes, we knew that. But, how fucking successful? It’s lifetime sales pace is keeping up with the PlayStation 4, which has been an absurdly popular console.

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Sony announces PlayStation 4 livestream event March 25 with new games, new trailers, other miscellaneous hotness

sony livestream event

Sony is skipping E3 this year! But, they’re livestreaming an event this Monday, March 25. What’s gonna be featured? Glad you fucking asked! New trailers, new games, all sorts of happy horseshit. I, for one, am stoked.

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Report: PlayStation 4 players will finally be getting ability to change their PSN names

ps4 name changes

Straight-fucking-up, the fact that I’m not “Caffeine Powered” on PSN bothers me. Like, not continuously. But, it’s a mild rash on my ass that flares up every once in a while. So, I’m pretty excited that I’ll soon be able to rectify this situation.

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Fuck Yeah: Sony finally allowing cross-play starting with ‘Fornite’

playstation cross play fortnite

I’m happy about this. Not so much because it directly impacts me, but it shows Sony listening to its fans. They could sit fat and happy on top, but why not keep padding its image?

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‘Spider-Man’ swinging (cheap joke) onto PlayStation 4 this September

spider-man playstation 4 september 7

Hey! A fucking spider-pun! To announce the web-crawler swinging (there it is again, lol~) onto the PS4 this Fall.

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PlayStation boss Andrew House leaving Sony after over 25 years

playstation boss andrew house steps down

Andrew House has been around Sony for a long, long goddamn time. Done all sorts of shit, all sorts of shit for the company *waves arms around vaguely*, you know! Most recently, House has overseen PlayStation’s resurgence this generation.

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Sony Has Sold 50 Million PlayStation 4s, Far Outpacing Its PS3 Sales

playstation 4 sales 50 million

The PlayStation 4 is selling well. Not only that, but it is well ahead of where the PS3 was in terms of sales, at this point in its lifecycle.

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