Report: PlayStation 4 players will finally be getting ability to change their PSN names

ps4 name changes

Straight-fucking-up, the fact that I’m not “Caffeine Powered” on PSN bothers me. Like, not continuously. But, it’s a mild rash on my ass that flares up every once in a while. So, I’m pretty excited that I’ll soon be able to rectify this situation.

VG 24/7:

Sick of being called VapeLord2000 on PSN? You’ll soon be able to change your name.

Ever since launch, one of the most requested features on PlayStation Network has been the ability to change your embarrassing username. That long wait is almost over, as Sony is prepping rolling out that feature soon.

According to a source close to Sony, the groundwork for this feature landed in the last big PS4 firmware update, 6.0.

A history of IDs has shown up recently in the online database, as well as a button to “Revert Online ID”. The feature could be turned on right now, but it’s currently being tested for bugs.

This information lines up with a report from Kotaku, who say they have spoken to four different sources who have also confirmed this information.

As Kotaku point out, the system also needs to be integrated into the games themselves, which is fine for future proofing upcoming games but likely more of an issue to retroactively add to older multiplayer games.