Report: PlayStation 4 players will finally be getting ability to change their PSN names

ps4 name changes

Straight-fucking-up, the fact that I’m not “Caffeine Powered” on PSN bothers me. Like, not continuously. But, it’s a mild rash on my ass that flares up every once in a while. So, I’m pretty excited that I’ll soon be able to rectify this situation.

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Xbox One getting backwards compatibility for 104 games this week

Steve Ballmer is ready.

XB1 is getting that backwards compatibility game on this week, with an initial list of 104 games being supported. I know the aforementioned list is much maligned for the titles it contains, but just the promise of b/c in general has me stoked. Plus! I mean. It features Mass Effect, and apparently it runs better on the XB1.

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Report: PS4’s 3.00 beta firmware is adding YouTube broadcasting, Twitter clips, more!


PS4 is getting into the YouTube Gaming Extravaganza Broadcasting business with their next firmware (beta) update. The firmware update is also bringing Twitter clips, and more. Sure, neat, whatever. When the futz will I be able to pin my favorite apps? When will I be able to change my PSN name? You know.  Being selfish. Stuff I care about.

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GOOD GUY SONY has GOODIES PACK FOR Playstation 4 launch day buyers.


With the PlayStation 4 being only a week away, I’m pretty much frothing at the mouth. And groin. And under my arms. Seriously my arm pits are so sweaty and the drippings taste way more disgusting than usual. Even still, I’m not really sure what I’m doing on launch day. Techno-fetish rubbing of the console? Sure. But what else? Ehhh. Perchance Sony senses my confusion, and they are at least doing a solid by providing launch day buyers with a little goodies pack.

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Rumor: ‘SHENMUE’ 1 AND 2 HD Have Been finished For A Year. Hitting XBLA/PSN…Sometime

I don’t give a fuck about Shenmue  or its sequel. I don’t. I know that deducts like, a zillion space-bucks from my e-peen, but whatever. So this news doesn’t do anything for me. However, there’s a lot of people that are going to be simultaneously joyous and apopleptic about this shit. If the rumors in the streets are true, Sega has been sitting on HD versions of Shenmue 1&2  for a year. Biding their time. Waiting.

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Jet Set Radio HD Is REAL, Gets A TRAILER. Nostalgia Swoon

Oh fuck my tits get hard when thinking about my Dreamcast. What a fucking system. I’m not even stunting. One of the true glories of the system was Jet Set Radio. Christ, I haven’t thought of that game in a serious minute. Anyways, it’s coming to XBLA and PSN this summer in tuned-up HD swagger.

Hit the jump for the trailer.

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Sony Sued Over Their No-Sue PSN Clause. It’s Like, Meta? No. Prolly Not.

Sony dropped (like it was hot) a no-sue clause in their new PSN terms of service. Trying to protect themselves and the such, since their PSN had a bit of the rocky Spring. Being down and exposed and with its electronic genitals flailing in the wind and shit. Makes sense! However that ain’t flying with everyone, and they’re getting sued. Over their claim they can’t be sued.

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Sony On PSN Attack: Customers Woke Up, We Made Money. Ah, Tact.

You have to appreciate Sony’s desire to swagger despite getting hacked this year. Global strategy Fascist Plotter for Sony So Saida has dropped some more encouraging words regarding the attack that spread like a blight across the network and left all of us X-bots giggling. What’d he say? Wasn’t no thang, we made the dough!

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Sony Hires Homeland Security Official, Beware PSN Hackers!

The snafu that brought Sony’s PSN to its knees isn’t likely to happen again! No siree! Sony has hired themselves an official from Homeland Security, and if there’s anything that screams raging competence its a US government official. Right? Right!

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Sony’s Tim Schaaff Thought The PSN Hack Was A “Great Experience”. Oh Bro.

The PSN hack was a kidney punch combo’d into a nuts stomp, and gave Sony something of a drooping around the world. We all stared. Some aghast. Some amused. Some both. It had to totally suck for everyone involved over at Sony, right? Naw, bro!  Sony’s network entertainment president  Tim Schaaff was having the time of his life.

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