‘Borderlands 3’ Trailer: It’s Been So Long, But This Trailer Feels So Good

I got no words, man. This franchise means so much to me, and I’ve waited so long for Borderlands 3. Like, to the point where I actually got teary-eyed during the trailer debut.

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Gearbox teases ‘Borderlands 3’ reveal at PAX East. I may die of fucking joy.

borderlands 3 pax east

I have been so, so fucking patient. Waiting for Borderlands 3 for nearly, what, seven years? But, it appears my watch may be over.

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Weekend Open Bar: the turtles were on to something

weekend open bar the turtles were on to something

Welcome to Weekend Open Bar, my friends!

I’m not dead, not sad, just busy these days my friend! That said, I apologize! How the fucking fuck have you fucking folks been? Me? I feel eerily content. Not euphoric which is rare, not happy which is fleeting, but generally content. I can’t explain it. Or, rather, I suppose I can. Teaching is fantastic, my diet is good, I’m getting a lot of sleep and exercise, and by god, I swear it, yoga fucking works.

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Monday Morning Commute: We are all Placeholders

in space- INKAXIS

in space | inkaxis

We are all placeholders, man. Temporary installments in a Temporary Universe. Brief iterations, brief organizations of atoms-molecules-matter, and we will all be gone before we know it. That’s fine, that’s cool, that’s whatever. It’s gotta be because it is. No complaints here.

While we’re here, while the Aflame Blue Globe is here, while the Universe is still hurtling towards Heat Death, why don’t we hang out, folks?

Hang out, here, in Monday Morning Commute. The weekly column where all of us Placeholders get together and share what we’re excited for during a given week.

What comic book is coming out that you’re sweating? What movie is dropping that you’re anticipating? What fetish website is getting your hard earned bucks and/or meagerly administered strokes? Sharing is caring, so show that you shant neglect me in the comments section.

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Cosplay: Mad Moxxi from ‘Borderlands 2′ servin’ awesomeness

‘Borderlands 3’ confirmed to be Gearbox Software’s next game

Borderlands 2.

I have been patient. Coming up on four years patient for a proper sequel to one of my favorite games of all time, Borderlands 2. As a reward? Nothing. Silence. A crappy spin-off game. And silence. But that is about to change, I guess. Borderlands 3 has been confirmed to be Gearbox’s next game. And while I don’t think the game will be arriving anytime soon, just to see it acknowledged, just to see it acknowledged as coming gets me excited.

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Cosplay: Gaige from ‘Borderlands 2’ is mechromagnificent

Cosplay: Claptrap from ‘Borderlands’ as humanoid female does things…to me


This…this is a new fetish for me. Robots that have taken female humanoid form. But hey, I’m just going to roll with it. I’m too old to give a fuck.

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Cosplay: Lilith from ‘Borderlands 2’


I will never not-post any Borderlands cosplay that passes across my ocular-meat-lenses.

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‘Borderlands’ is getting a movie adaptation. Uh neat, but give me ‘Borderlands 3’ plzkthnx


Borderlands is going to be making the hop from video game to movie. Wee! Yay! And even though I know they’re not directly (or at all) correlated, this news just makes me want a third title in the game series even more.

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