Monday Morning Commute: We are all Placeholders

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in space | inkaxis

We are all placeholders, man. Temporary installments in a Temporary Universe. Brief iterations, brief organizations of atoms-molecules-matter, and we will all be gone before we know it. That’s fine, that’s cool, that’s whatever. It’s gotta be because it is. No complaints here.

While we’re here, while the Aflame Blue Globe is here, while the Universe is still hurtling towards Heat Death, why don’t we hang out, folks?

Hang out, here, in Monday Morning Commute. The weekly column where all of us Placeholders get together and share what we’re excited for during a given week.

What comic book is coming out that you’re sweating? What movie is dropping that you’re anticipating? What fetish website is getting your hard earned bucks and/or meagerly administered strokes? Sharing is caring, so show that you shant neglect me in the comments section.



Watching: Halt and Catch Fire, season 2.

Three episodes to go, then onto the third.



Playing: Borderlands.

I can’t believe I’ve only completed this game once.



Going: To the New England Aquarium.

My wife is running a conference near there the Aquarium.

Once she finishes on Friday we’re going to go check out fishes.


Randy Moss

Drafting: My (second) fantasy football team.

On Wednesday, I’ll be hosting the draft for Riff’s fantasy football league.

I call it his, since he’s, you know, the fucking Czar-Kommissar and we do as he wills.


Don't Breathe.

Reviewing: Don’t Breathe.

Bateman and I saw it on Friday. A *good* not *great* horror-thriller.

The conceit is fun, it’s been a boring summer. Go see it.


Borderlands 2

Playing: Borderlands 2 (with a friend).

I can’t believe I’ve only completed this game like seventeen times.


Drunk Professor

Working: On my syllabi.

Should probably, uh, make them. Huh.

School starts next week.



Raiding: Ikea.

Aiming to pick up a couple of quick modifications for my study.

Hoping to convince my exhausted-from-work wife that it’s a worthy trip.

Help me convince her, folks.

Help me.



Maintaining: Reading Fear and Loathing On The Campaign Trail ’72.

Slowly. Surely. I skip down the nightmare path with Hunter.


That’s it for me this week, fellow Placeholders. How about you?