Weekend Open Bar: the turtles were on to something

weekend open bar the turtles were on to something

Welcome to Weekend Open Bar, my friends!

I’m not dead, not sad, just busy these days my friend! That said, I apologize! How the fucking fuck have you fucking folks been? Me? I feel eerily content. Not euphoric which is rare, not happy which is fleeting, but generally content. I can’t explain it. Or, rather, I suppose I can. Teaching is fantastic, my diet is good, I’m getting a lot of sleep and exercise, and by god, I swear it, yoga fucking works.

If I was going to spin it negatively, and by god my neuro-pipes demand that I at least try, it’s that I worry that this contentment is going to leave me. Sure, it’ll ebb and flow. But, I hope that I’ve achieved some sort of praxis that will allow me to keep my head above water more often.

Anyways, anyways. Enough about me. I want to spend time with you folks this weekend. Tell me, what are you up to? Are you going to endure Jurassic World? Are you going to hit the beach? Are you going for a hike? Perhaps using the leisure time to catch-up on some reading?

I want to know! I want to chat.