‘BIOSHOCK INFINITE: BURIAL AT SEA EPISODE’ Trailer: Fanservice and Half-Baked Nonsense

BioShock Infinite

I…I still don’t know what the fuck happened in BioShock Infinite, let alone the first episode of Burial At Sea. Oh for the love of Christ put down the pie charts, the Excel spreadsheets, and your timeline. If you need to resort to that nonsense, the plot is fucked. Anyways, even with that said I’m opening up my fanboy gaping maw for Burial At Sea’s second episode. Why? Cause I’m a sucker. But most importantly? I bought the season pass ahead of time like an asshole.

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Monday Morning Commute: A CASCADE OF NONSENSE

Cascade of Nonsense.

Welcome to the Cascade of Nonsense. The white noise that keeps us complacent, ’cause otherwise we might be getting jittery. Someday you’ll die, someday we’ll exhaust this rotting Blue Marble, someday the sun will smirk before burning us up anyways. It’s all dumb and pointless and so we’re tasked with kicking it absurdity. Finding our own meaning, demanding our own purpose, but really probably just manufacturing our own cultural opiates to keep us numb to these nonsensical factoids of the world.

This is Monday Morning Commute. What composes your armature of pointlessness? How are you surviving this week? Hit me.

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