Monday Morning Commute: Pleasant to Death

monday morning commute pleasant to death

Welcome to Monday Morning Commute on Election Tuesday! I’ll tell you something, my friends. I had begun writing this column yesterday, and it was full of piss, vinegar, and a real fucking white-knuckled fist at the world. And, you know what? It was just exhausting, my dudes. I petered out after the first paragraph and called it quits. I just don’t have it in me to rage, rage, against the Dying Democracy. Instead, fuck it. I offer you this boon, this refuge from the insanity of the Outside Digiverse.

Now listen, I’m not saying to not care. Now listen, I’m not saying to not vote like your future queer daughter’s life depends on it. However, lost in 2020 is the need for self-care. For sure, i’s a privileged practiced. Everyone needs it, not everyone can attain it, and I care and have empathy for those less fortunate.

But, if you can spare a few minutes, hang out here at MMC with me. I can’t promise you anything other than my kindness, but I’m genuinely curious what you’re looking forward to in this Hellscape of a week. Okay, fuck, that was dark. Listen, I’m trying, but reality does penetrate me straight through the ass every once in a while.

I got my own collections of diversion, distractions, and diluting potions I’m imbibing this week. In fact, I’ll fucking tell you! Then follow-up in the comments with your own laundry list of pleasantries.

I love you all, this is Monday Morning Commute!


watch dogs legion


I beat Ghost of Tsushima last weekend, and what a fucking coda to the PlayStation 4 generation. I mean, like. It really has no right being so good. I haven’t found myself caring about open-world characters this much long, which isn’t even to mention the glorious gameplay. That said, now what? Now WHAT?! With Cyberpunk 2077 being delayed and all, I turned my eyes to the other hacker game. Watch Dogs Legion. It’s fun, but not earth-shattering. You know? I’m honestly not sure if I’ll ever complete it, but it’s keeping me warm on this cold Autumn evenings. As I quietly await my PlayStation 5, you feel?



This weekend Sam and I checked out Ted Lasso, after numerous, numerous folks recommended it. Like, I have no fucking idea how the show can be so good. It’s equal parts sharp-wit and dogged heartwarming bliss. In other words, exactly what a lot of us need in this moment. Furthermore, we need to talk about AppleTV. Like, what the fuck? Between Mythic Quest and this show, the platform is killing it in the comedy department. As well, apparently the spy show Tehran rips? Wild, wild times.

Also currently watching and enjoying: The Mandalorian and The Boys.


stephen king 1986

[Autumn of King]

Another week, another fifty or so pages of It. I feel bad with these miniscule updates, but what the fuck do you expect? This novel is a fucking tome, and I’m in the middle of the semester. Doubling down on my previous observations, I really enjoy its narrative structure. Also, it really captures the harbinger of horror that is the titular creature in a way neither adaptations did for me.


It’s fucking rad.


[Mental Health]

It’s a fucking stressful semester, my dudes. Not gonna life, with six weeks left, I’m already counting down the days until I’m free for Semester Break. It’s a tough one, a tough sledding, a tough titty-twister. I’ve mainly been compensating for this stress (as well as the existential anxiety regarding all of 2020) but eating too much, and sleeping too little. Trying not to be to hard on myself for the former (it’s a pandemic, a near Civil War, and season depression is real), and working on overcoming the second.

How are all you folks holding up? It’s a rough year, if there’s anything I can do, other than die for your pleasure in Dead Cells, let me know!


That’s really it, my friends. Care about ya’ll, no matter how large or small a part you play in the frequenting of Space-Ship OL. Hope to hear from each and everyone one of you, but pleased to know you exist none the less.