‘Justice League’ reshoots costing $25 million, and Superman is filming his scenes with a mustache he isn’t allowed to shave

justice league reshoots 25 million

A new Justice League trailer dropped this weekend at SDCC, and it was a mixed bag. The first minute or so intelligently focused on pop culture phenom Wonder Woman, featuring a tone quite similar to her movie’s. However, after that, the trailer segued into what you’d expect from a Zack Snyder affair. You know, muted-ass palette, dumpster fires burning everywhere, stilted dialogue, overwrought CGI crap. The former segment is either the result of these reshoots or *what* they’re aiming for in them. So, it makes the extensiveness of these reshoots super intriguing. What will they be able to achieve with them? How much credit should Whedon get? And obviously, can he save this fucking movie?

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‘Justice League’ Trailer: Something is coming…namely way more Wonder Woman

New Justice League trailer! Featuring, thankfully, a fucking fuckload of Wonder Woman. In case you were wondering where all those reshoots were going, it seems pretty evident from this trailer. All the Diana. Because she rules, and maybe this movie will rule, I fucking hope it rules.

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New ‘Justice League’ photo has Flash teaming-up with Wonder Woman and The Batman

justice league flash team-up batman wonder woman

I’m not really sure why I’m sharing this photo, outside of the fact that all the other pop culture slob-blogs did. From Entertainment Weekly, it’s got Barry Allen teaming up with the Mom and Dad of the Justice League, Bruce and Diana. As an aside, perhaps a brief aside, man I hope this movie is good.

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‘Justice League’ News: Zack Snyder shares photo of Batman’s suit

zack snyder justice league batman suit

Now that I’m excited for Justice League, I’m going to say, hey, fuck yeah, neat, check out this image of Batman’s suit. Is it news? Nah! Is it really anything special? Nah! But, I don’t give a shit!

Check it out after the jump!

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Danny Elfman is scoring ‘Justice League’ and I’d be excited if it was 1989

justice league danny elfman score

Danny Elfman is scoring Justice League. This would be a wonderful development for me, if I didn’t view him in the same light as his frequent collaborator, Tim Burton. What does that mean? That they’re both talented, used to produce create great works, and now have sort of quietly slipped unknowingly into self-parody. Fuck, though, I hope I’m wrong. I hope Elfman brings the fire for this score.

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‘Justice League’ has begun “significant reshoots” that will last through the summer

justice league significant reshoots

Folks, Justice League has begun “significant reshoots” with Joss Whedon behind the wheel. This news is coming off an opening weekend for Wonder Woman which saw, Jesus Christ is it really possible?, pop culture geeks actually enjoying a DC movie. Warner Bros. and DC have an opportunity to follow up the Wondrous Woman’s flick with a second hit in Justice League, and I’m hoping these reshoots see that opportunity through. I have, I *have*, I have to imagine these reshoots are intended to bring the same levity and heart that was so appreciated in Wonder Woman to Justice League. I mean, right? I mean, please?

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‘Justice League Dark’ loses director Doug Liman due to scheduling conflict

justice league dark doug liman loses

Doug Liman has spent the last couple of years circling and then leaving superhero movies, due to scheduling conflicts. First, it was Gambit. Now, it’s Justice League Dark.

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Joss Whedon finishing ‘Justice League’ as Zack Snyder departs due to personal tragedy

joss whedon directing justice league zack snyder

Joss Whedon is stepping in to finish Justice League. The director is replacing Zack Snyder, who is leaving the film after the death of his daughter.

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Rumor: ‘Justice League’ reshoots have “remade” the movie *twice*, with more to come

justice league rumor reshoots remade movie

Oh, DC. If at first you don’t succeed in unfucking a movie, try, try again. The last two movies that were reported to have such extensive reshoots were the dumpster fire that was Suicide Squad, and the mediocre Rogue One. Given the DCU’s track record, I’m eagerly awaiting their latest turd pâté.

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New ‘Justice League’ poster continues to beg us to unite the Grimdark Gang

justice league unite the league poster

Must be a day for shitty comic book properties’ posters, huh? First the Defenders. Now this poster for the Grimdark Gang.

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