‘Jessica Jones’ Season 2 Trailer: You’re A Ticking Timebomb

Hey! A trailer for Jessica Jones‘ second season! Yet another reminder that I need to watch the first season.

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‘Jessica Jones’ Season 2 Trailer: Dropping March 8, 2018

This reminds me. I need to finish the first season of Jessica Jones. I was enjoying it before I stopped, and she was easily my favorite part of The Defenders.

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Carrie-Anne Moss joining ‘Iron Fist’, reprising her ‘Jessica Jones’ role

Carrie-Anne Moss

I haven’t watched all of Jessica Jones. I know Carrie-Anne Moss is in it, though. I also know Carrie-Anne Moss is in the second season of Daredevil, cause I did watch that shit. Now Moss is joining Iron Fist, becoming another integral thread weaving together all of the Netflix-Marvel-Verse.

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Monday Morning Commute: Life Is What It Makes Of You

life is what it makes of you

Hey, friends. Come in, but come in quickly. It’s cold outside, and I don’t want the fire from the wood stove leaking out into the unforgiving late Autumn atmosphere. But I’m glad you’re joining me on this Monday. What am I up to? Oh! This here is Monday Morning Commute, the weekly column where I share with you what’s doing down in my life. I cave in admittance to the various songs, shows, books, and video games that I’m clinging to in an attempt to Successfully Surf the Life Existential.

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Thanksgiving Week Commute: Drunk On Turkey and Stuffed With Love


Ah, yeah! It’s Thanksgiving Week! Which means the most glorious span of six weeks or so is kicking off! Holiday season! Days upon days of getting fat, fiddling with candy canes (interpret that as you will), getting fat, drinking with friends, getting fat, playing video games, and this year, seeing TheWarStars Movie over and over again!

Typically we rock a Monday Morning Commute here, but what the fuck. Let’s go nuts. A lot of people are already off, a lot of people are going to be off, and those who aren’t getting any time off are obviously welcome to use this place as a refuge.

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Weekend Open Bar: The time Jeb left a Drunken Steve on Titan

jeb left steve

It’s the Weekend, baby! That means that the labor union-earned two day siesta is kicking off for the lot of us lucky to not have that privilege extracted by the PowersThatBe that RunOurJobs. #PoliticalPosturing #IActuallyStandForNothingTho. Anyways! That can only mean one thing around here! Jerking off and wearing sweatpants all day, while hoping our spouses don’t hear our tears!

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‘Jessica Jones’ Trailer: The Kitchen Is Hell For Her

‘Jessica Jones’ NYCC Poster: Alias Investigations At Your Service

Jessica Jones

Oh yeah! Jessica Jones is a television show! It’s arriving next month! Clearly, Marvel senses that I’m not alone in my lack of anticipation. They’ve been paving the dorkcultural psyche with marketing for the show lately, and here is hoping it pays off.

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‘Jessica Jones’ Teaser Trailers: Alarm Clocks & Barroom Brawls

I don’t know what to make of Jessica Jones. I never read Alias back in the day, though I know it was pretty dope. I haven’t gotten much out of these first two teaser trailers.  But yet I remain optimistic (while laying in my MCU fanboy pajamas and staring longingly at a picture of Kevin Feige). What do you take out of these trailers?

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Marvel’s ‘Jessica Jones’ Netflix Teaser: Droppin’ November 20