Leaked: Netflix/Marvel’s ‘Jessica Jones’ Season One Episode Titles

Jessica Jones

Here are the episode titles for the first season of Jessica Jones from Netflix and Marvel. I’m oscillating between wanting to really dig into them because I’m apathetic about the show, and being cautious in case I really dig the show once I get into it. How about you? You avoid episode titles? Or nah?

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Marvel’s ‘Jessica Jones’ hitting Netflix in Q4 of 2015

Jessica Jones.

Like, time is running out, Netflix. Marvel. Disney. Triheaded Bastard Abomination. Time is running out for you to state a release date for Jessica Jones. Sure you came out today and said “late 2015”, but what the fuck does that even mean. It’s practically August. Time is running out.

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Krysten Ritter cast as Marvel’s ‘Jessica Jones’ for Netflix show

Krysten Ritter

Krysten Ritter lives again! I didn’t know when I would see the actress again, after you negligent pukes killed Don’t Trust The B! (a seriously amusing show). But now I know! My love, my Jane Margolis, is returning in most glorious fashion. In the Marvel TV-Movie-Thing universe.

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Alexandra Daddario and others up for Marvel’s ‘Jessica Jones’, Luke Cage testing begins!

Alexandra Daddario.

HOLD ON NOW, YOUNG BUC. You forgot yourself about Marvel’s Jessica Jones, didn’t you? Well, I don’t blame you. There’s like thirteen different Marvel projects in development. HOWEVER, YOUNG BUC. I imagine if you saw True Detective, you certain’y haven’t forgotten Alexandra Daddario. She, along with others, are up for the aforementioned role of Jessica Jones. Plus! Here’s some goddamn Luke Cage casting news, too.

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Agent Coulson.

Clark Gregg wants Agent Coulson to get into the Marvel action poppin’ off on Netflix. The geek-turned-actor has lamented that he will be “totally butt hurt” and “rife with fanboy gloom” (I’m paraphrasing) if he doesn’t get a shot to act next to whomever shall play Danny Rand. I mean yeah dude I appreciate your zeal and shit, but like. Everybody in the MCU thinks you’re mortis.

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Marvel filming 60 HOUR-LONG NETFLIX EPISODES in New York

Defenders NYC

Talk about an endeavor! Marvel is intending to film sixty fucking hour-long episodes in the City of New York. That’s a lot of episodes smelling like homeless people grilling on the grates at Times Square and pizza. Naw — just kidding — snark power down! — this is a pretty impressive attempt.

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Holy amaze-balls. Marvel and Netflix are teaming up to bring into the world four live-action series starring Jessica Jones, Luke Cage, Iron Fist, and Daredevil. That ain’t all, folks! All of these sonsofbitches will culminate in a Defenders event.

This rules.

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