Weekend Open Bar: The time Jeb left a Drunken Steve on Titan

jeb left steve

It’s the Weekend, baby! That means that the labor union-earned two day siesta is kicking off for the lot of us lucky to not have that privilege extracted by the PowersThatBe that RunOurJobs. #PoliticalPosturing #IActuallyStandForNothingTho. Anyways! That can only mean one thing around here! Jerking off and wearing sweatpants all day, while hoping our spouses don’t hear our tears!

But if it has to mean two things, it means it is time for Weekend Open Bar. The weekly column where the degenerates who frequent the Space-Ship Omega gather to hang out for the next two days. We share what we’re up to, we share what we’re eating. We’re sharing those Stories about the Time Someone Definitely Not Me fucked a cold can of Campbell’s Chunky Soup in the 7-Eleven bathroom and only marginally regretted it.

Still here? Haven’t scared you off? Let’s hang out! What are you up to this weekend?