Thanksgiving Week Commute: Drunk On Turkey and Stuffed With Love


Ah, yeah! It’s Thanksgiving Week! Which means the most glorious span of six weeks or so is kicking off! Holiday season! Days upon days of getting fat, fiddling with candy canes (interpret that as you will), getting fat, drinking with friends, getting fat, playing video games, and this year, seeing TheWarStars Movie over and over again!

Typically we rock a Monday Morning Commute here, but what the fuck. Let’s go nuts. A lot of people are already off, a lot of people are going to be off, and those who aren’t getting any time off are obviously welcome to use this place as a refuge.

This is Thanksgiving Week Commute! Let’s hang out and share what we’re looking forward to this week. All the football games we’re going to be watching! All the video games we’re hoping to cram in (hi, Fallout 4!), all the in-laws we are ducking! The movies, the treehouse masturbation sessions. Let’s share it all.


fallout 4

Playing: Fallout 4!


mother in law

Dealing with: My Mother-In-Law staying with us until Friday!


Jessica Jones.

Hopefully watching: Some Jessica Jones with my wife!


fat kid

Eating: Way too much!


Christmas Tree

Hopefully getting: A Christmas tree!



I want to: See Creed!



Watching: So much futzing football.


That’s it for me this week, folks. At least for now. What are you up to this Thanksgiving week?