Monday Morning Commute: Life Is What It Makes Of You

life is what it makes of you

Hey, friends. Come in, but come in quickly. It’s cold outside, and I don’t want the fire from the wood stove leaking out into the unforgiving late Autumn atmosphere. But I’m glad you’re joining me on this Monday. What am I up to? Oh! This here is Monday Morning Commute, the weekly column where I share with you what’s doing down in my life. I cave in admittance to the various songs, shows, books, and video games that I’m clinging to in an attempt to Successfully Surf the Life Existential.

Then — ideally, and it’s been quiet around here so here goes nothing — you share your own list of happenings.

Let’s hang out~


Finished season one of Fargo.

Fucking tremendous.

Now it is on to season two.


Playing Fallout 4.

Oh lord, did I play a lot during break.

Need to play more Fallout 4.


Listening to Hotline Bling.

God dammit. It will not leave my head.

I know when that hotline bling!


Started watching Jessica Jones with Sam.

It’s…okay? I don’t really get the hype surrounding it.

Seems hokey. Seems sort of cheap, production wise.

I don’t hate it, by any means. But yeah, I don’t know?


Saw Creed last Wednesday with Rendar and Bateman.

It’s an excellent “Rocky” movie, and it’s a generally good movie.

For the genre it (obviously) belongs in.

Another dance song I’m enjoying?

Dance by Rome Fortune.


That’s it for me. Dancing to tunes, watching inspirational movies, and contemplating absurdist works of detective fiction on television. How about you?