‘Jessica Jones’ Season 2 Trailer: You’re A Ticking Timebomb

Hey! A trailer for Jessica Jones‘ second season! Yet another reminder that I need to watch the first season.


Jessica Jones, in its first season, was a fascinating take on trauma, coping (or not), and how the past can distort the future. So, for Jessica’s health, she should move on. But apparently nobody will let her in season two of her show, which reveals just how she got her powers, and some darker details of her past.

When we wrapped up the first season, Jessica (Krysten Ritter) had dealt with her abuser, the Purple Man (David Tennant), and managed, to some degree, to move on with her life. Now, after her stint in The Defenders, she’s facing a question she can’t quite answer: Why is she super-strong and invulnerable in the first place? And what does it have to do with the disastrous car crash she barely survived?

Of course, life is messy elsewhere. Her friend Patricia (Rachael Taylor) wants to be her backup, much to Jessica’s chagrin, and a larger firm is trying to buy out her business, courtesy of a guy who says he “doesn’t take no for an answer.” Which, as Jessica points out, is fairly rapey of him, and this being a TV show, it means there’s more to this move than meets the eye. Then, of course, there’s how the trailer ends, with a hint that perhaps the Purple Man isn’t so far away. We’ll find out come March 8th.