‘Sweet Tooth’ adaptation coming to Netflix with Robert Downey Jr. executive producing! Fuck yeah!

sweet tooth robert downey jr netflix

Sweet Tooth was a fantastic comic by Jeff Lemire, what, Jesus Christ, ten years ago?! Now, hopefully it’s going to be a fantastic Netflix series.

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Ryan Gosling Adapting Jeff Lemire’s Comic ‘The Underwater Welder’

ryan gosling jeff lemire the underwater welder

Ryan Gosling is adapting the fantastic, fantastic, fantastic graphic novel by Jeff Lemire, The Underwater Welder.

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Jeff Lemire reveals ‘Royal City’ for Image; inspired by ‘Six Feet Under’ and ‘Transparent’

Royal City - Jeff Lemire

If I wasn’t a bag of shit! Oh, if I wasn’t a bag of shit, the things I would do. Eat better. Swear less. Read more Jeff Lemire comic books. Like Descender. Finish Sweet Tooth. Dude is fantastic. And now he’s got another title to challenge me with, Royal City.

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Jeff Lemire’s ‘Essex County’ being adapted for TV

Essex County.

I love Jeff Lemire, and I love his continued success. Which reminds me, even though I recently read Essex County, I should probably polish off my back issues of Descender (also being adapted).

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‘Extraordinary X-Men’ is new flashship X-Title, post-‘Secret Wars.’


Extraordinary X-Men is going to be Marvel’s flagship X-Title coming out of Secret Wars. The team seems comprimised of a pretty interesting cast of character, and more importantly: Jeff Lemire is penning it.

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Lemire and Nguyen dropping sci-fi comic ‘Descender’


More glorious, delicious, gloriously delicious creator-owned news out of Image’s camp. Jeff Lemire and Dustin Nguyen are teaming up to bring Descender into the world. The comic is centered around a Robot Boy who must thrive in a lonely universe whilst avoiding bounty hunters aiming to bring him down.

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JEFF LEMIRE draws RUST COHLE from True Detective. We all win.

Rust Cohle.

Jeff Lemire (TrilliumSweet ToothAnimal Man, and many more dope works) killing the True Detective artwork game.

Hit the jump for the full gem.

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Jeff Lemire is creating SUPERHEROINE based on REAL LIFE TEEN ACTIVIST. Lemire ++

Justice League of Canada.

Jeff Lemire is a solid dude. All the dope titles. Creating a superhero team for the Brothers Omega’s motherland. But now he’s upping his solidness. Doing himself one better. Lemire is going to be creating a superheroine for Justice League of Canada based off of a real life teen activist.

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Justice League of Canada.

Jeff Lemire is one of the premiere talents in the game right now, son. Right now! And I am scientifically certain that 99% of his talents are derived from sucking in the clean, deliciously melodious bursts of Canadian air. The aforementioned Lemire will be bringing his Canadian-powered prowess to the Justice League game next year. And he’s doing it right, by bringing the team up north with him.

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Hey, folks!  Johnny here, back again for another week of slingin’ philosophical about my favorite pastime!  Looking at this week’s releases, I was amazed at just how much great non-superhero fare there is to be read currently.  Not in a long time have I felt that the variety of books is SO great and SO varied, that it is the perfect time to introduce comics to friends and loved ones who might like comics, but maybe just don’t dig capes.  Here’s what I’d like to grab this week, and hit us up in the comments and tell us what you’re looking out for!

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